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Iran General: 'Restraint Not Limitless' as Tensions Grow over Yemen War


Iran General: 'Restraint Not Limitless' as Tensions Grow over Yemen War

Jon Queally, staff writer


The point is to bomb Iran, but in a way which bypasses any domestic debate. True, most Americans will not completely understand why a conflict in Yemen means we must bomb Iran, but that’s what jails are for.


Just another day of death and destruction in Yemen. Where is the outrage and protest?


The axis of evil: The US/Saudi/Israeli alliance.


A flotilla of row boats powered by Persian kids would be deemed a threat by the warmongers itching for mass slaughter against Iran.


The merchants of death want to sell weapons to keep the US weapons making factories running in high gear around the clock and billing the working class American taxpayers. The longer term goal of the Zionists is for Israel to rule al of the middle east and for the US to rule the world whatever the collteral damage. And as Albright put “the price is worth it”.


A few firecrackers Iran possess plus a huge Shiite population spread across the middle east will likely change the calculus for the US/Israel alliance, the outcome of which is hard to predict.


The " RED MENACE" has been replaced with the menace of terrorism.


The axis of evil:

Please Shantiananda, do not use that noxious term. I understand completely why you did it, but there is no need to lower yourself to the level of the source of that term.


I wish I could, but words, and reason, fail me. Whether it is Tony Robinson, or the slaughtered millions that I shall never know, or ever have the pleasure to meet in this world, every murder is an atrocity.


This article and most of the comments are right on. Iran is totally in the right here, and if there is a conflict over this, the US and Saudi Arabia will be totally in the wrong. I would go to jail over it (I’m 75) and in Canada, with Stephen Harper, that’s a real possibility.


It would be refreshing and truly unusual to read an intelligent and detailed article explaining WHY Saudi Arabia, with US support, is attacking Yemen. What exactly are the Yemeni rebels rebelling about?

Invariably “international community” media reports of conflicts anywhere neglect to tell us what these wars are REALLY about. They are exploited by the media as vehicles for lies, omissions and other forms of blatant propaganda while avoiding an explanation of the basic facts (which would put the lie to their propaganda).


Robert Fisk, who has lived in and reported from the Middle East for decades, is always a great source of information on such things:



Thanks for the link, catsma.

Yes, Fisk does a thorough job explaining the religious aspects of the war, but he does not deal with the economic. We know that the US interest has nothing to do with religion, it is strictly economic and political.

Saudi Arabia is a capitalist lackey of the US, while Iran does not bow sufficiently to the US attempt at world domination. The Yemeni rebels are allies of Iran and so enemies of the Saudis and the US. Thus the conflict. No religion, just politics and economics.

Perhaps it’s my western upbringing, but I find it difficult to believe that two sects of any religion, in this case Islam - many leaders of which are western educated - would disagree over a basic tenet to the point of wreaking the mayhem and horrors that we see in the Middle East. If I’m wrong, and this is really so, perhaps we should conclude that the leaders of one or both sides are of questionable sanity.


Right you are that the US cares nothing about religion, except that it can be used as a divisive tool. It is used domestically to scare the public about those evil terrorists of the Islamic faith, so that those in power can more easily impose the surveillance state. And remember how it was used in Iraq to pit Sunni against Shia,two sects that had lived together peacefully, and intermarried, prior to the US invasion and subsequent pitting of one against the other. That again, I believe, was perpetrated in order to establish control and provide cover for the US presence there, with the goal of control of the oil resources, and to establish a foothold in the ME from which to wreak more havoc in the region. And, oh boy, have they succeeded in that effort! Christianity has had its divisive violence too–witness the Catholic-Protestant strife in Ireland, for example.

The Houthis and most of Iran are Shia, so I believe that that fact plays a part, but you are right that for the US and Saudi Arabia it’s all political, about control of the region.

Fisk mentions that the Houthis were unhappy with the Yemeni constitution, and I remember reading somewhere else that they were politically and economically disadvantaged under the new constitution–hence their current struggle to gain control.

I believe that the mayhem and horrors, as you put it, in the ME, are intentional tools meant to aid in gaining total control of the region, by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. And FWIW, to my mind your final sentence is an understatement–I can’t speak about the Houthi side, but I’d say that the leaders on the US “side” are totally and viciously insane.


You’re absolutely right about the US using religion as a divisive tool, both at home and abroad. They have it down to a science. And the media likes to focus on that and ethnic differences as the explanation for almost every foreign conflict. Engineering these conflicts must be an exhausting occupation. Pity the CIA.

Didn’t the Catholic-Protestant strife in Northern Ireland also have an economic content? I understood Catholics there were treated as second class citizens.

And speaking of Iraq, it was rated by the UN as having the best standard of living in Africa prior to the US invasion. Now the people are fleeing that hellhole in droves, many drowning in the Mediterranean. Another fine example of the US bringing culture and democracy to the uncivilized.

I agree that total control of the region is the goal of the US/Saudi/Israeli triumvirate, and damn whatever the gods might have in mind.