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Iran Issues 'Murder and Terrorism' Arrest Warrant for Trump Over Soleimani Assassination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/iran-issues-murder-and-terrorism-arrest-warrant-trump-over-soleimani-assassination


The Iranians did not pursue this tactic without careful deliberation and thorough evaluation of the merits of their case. I would bet that it is solid. Trump may find himself unable to go and pose internationally without having to watch his back. Sad!


Now the question is will Interpol uphold these warrants? If so, that should put a crease in Don the Con’s shorts, as well as the other 35 suspects.


“At the top of the list is U.S. President Donald Trump, and his prosecution will be pursued even after the end of his term in office.”

The problem with that statement is Trump has even more incentives to stay in office and will do whatever it takes including because of covid-19 delaying the November elections; lying if Trump loses, calling it fake news; and maybe even starting a war with Iran…


You might note that Iran’s “lImited” response to the assassination created serious devastation to US facilities. The US is used to fighting wars against relatively defenseless countries - wars which it still cannot win - but Iran is not defenseless. It’s time to bring the warmongers to justice.


That would be a novel way to get rid of the problem


Trump is a life-long criminal. Someone has to stop this psychopath and pathological liar and make him pay for his crimes. I wish Iran the best of luck


Well that hope didn’t last long. They (Interpol) claim they can’t get involved in political disputes.


“Interpol Say’s It Can’t Act On Iran’s Request To Arrest Trump For Ordering The Killing Of General Soleimani”

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While it is obvious to any sane person that Trump is a felon, Corporate America doesn’t recognize any court in the world except the courts they built and staffed. Trump is safe due to the fact that corporations are willing to end life on earth just to protect the .001%. The Democrats are no different. If Democrats are elected, Trump should be arrested, tried and if convicted die in prison, but we all know that won’t happen. Too many Democrats would be implemented as well.
Rather than seeing a “defund the police” campaign, I’d rather see a “defund the military” campaign and stop the senseless slaughter of innocents around the globe allegedly occurring in our name. The danger here is that the likes of Bolton, Trump and Biden would be willing to slaughter as many Americans as it took to preserve their special, privileged status. We all must withdraw our support this November and make sure we never elect a corrupt Democrat or Republican again. Defund the two Party system!


Thank you, Iran, for doing what should have been done by our country.
This is getting interesting.


This is getting disgusting and dangerous.
We should thank those brave enough to speak truth to power.


Imagine if an Iranian drone had assassinated a U.S. general in Iraq, or anywhere else. What would be the response of the U.S.?


In the Permanent War Economy of the U.S., which has existed since 1945, with military contractors and sub-contractors purposely hired in every Congressional District in every state, significantly cutting the bloated, imperialist “defense” budget of the U.S. is a dream that, unfortunately, will never become reality. Members of Congress have too much to lo$e if they vote to cut military spending.

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That is what I was going to say. A foreign country, Iran no less, is at least trying (pretending to try?) to bring our lawless leader to justice. While our Senate betrayed their Constitutional mandate to impeach Trump. Even perjuring themselves by swearing an oath to do their sworn duty. Regardless of the outcome of this, it adds to the humiliation of our country to the rest of the world.


It would have if it wasn’t for the treason of the Republican Party in the senate!


The D majority in the House of Representatives voted for impeachment.

The R majority in the Senate voted against conviction.

Agree that it’s embarassing.

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The US response would be WWIII, WWIV, WWV,…etc


If memory serves, the original “propaganda stunt” was the Soleimani assassination, a stunt needed for Trump’s re-election, the killing of a brown-skinned person to match Obama’s killing of bin Laden.


Yuppers. And I can just imagine what might have been done had Iran forced the US to install an Iranian military facility and then assassinated an equivalent US figure.

The days of any veiled US legitimacy for colonization for corporate interests is seemingly headed in one of two directions. Either accept that there has never been any legitimacy in the claims of superiority and some god forsaken right of deity in the first place and begin to shut down the obscene scale of foreign military occupations; or have that decision made by the occupied peoples. Actually there is at least one more direction. Attempt to deny the exponential pacing of aggregate consequences roaring down the pike. Otherwise known as faux faux status quo.

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Hey since the U.S. is already setting a precedent of another country spiriting away a citizen from another country, i.e. Assange, to stand trial why not should Iran want the same? At least Trump would deserve to rot in the prison of one of his victims.