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Iran Issues 'Red Notice' Demand for Interpol to Arrest Trump, 47 US Officials for Soleimani Assassination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/iran-issues-red-notice-demand-interpol-arrest-trump-47-us-officials-soleimani


Would love to imagine Interpol impounding “his” jet in Scotland and the Secret Service saying “just have him, we are sick of him.” Some snow on the stairs would make the picture even better.


Trump and the 47 others on the list look like the right group for Biden’s DOJ to start indictments on January 21, before rounding up the rest of Trump’s appointees and other enablers.

If Biden falls short on this the GOP will continue its half century crime spree, becoming more powerful than ever thereby consigning the Democratic Party and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


… and maybe they also believe a unicorn being ridden by the Tooth Fairy will fly across the night sky. We all know that if any attempt is made to jail Trump and his supporters, if the Republicans ever gain power again … well, you all know what would happen - The right wanted Hillary jailed (and we all know she did commit crimes) even Trump knew better than to open that can of worms.

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I wish Iran would’ve waited on this it is going to cause Trump to go even more insane than he already is. Haven’t we been hearing that he wanted to bomb Iran just a month ago? And the Joint Chiefs talked him out of it?
The Donald is not a stable man, no telling what he will do. His crimes are coming due and he knows it. He will do anything to stay in power, anything.
This is a dangerous situation and no one in Congress or the Senate seems able to stop him at all. Trump and his enablers are going to pay for their corruption and crimes but not until he is out of power. Trump is exactly what the 25th Amendment was supposed to be used for.


Well, all of South and Central America is out, and, with the exception of Israel, most of the Mideast, and he is hated in Germany and France, so is it Russia?

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“the Trump-ordered assassination of Soleimani last January was a violation of international law.”

So go for it Interpol. You are the International Criminal Police Organization after all.


Did he do it?

What is needed is a detailed investigation into the neocons, their connection to Fox news and talk radio,(Rush), the neocon think tanks, for example , ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Heritage_Foundation and neocon funding sources. All with a critical eye on their relation to the newly elected Joe Biden.


Can Interpol function in Russia?

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Watch the US Government label this as an act of “terrorism”.


Iran Issues ‘Red Notice’ Demand for Interpol to Arrest Trump, 47 US Officials for Soleimani Assassination

I’ll second that motion.


While they’re at it, they should add Reagan, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Clintons, Obama, Biden, and about a thousand other US politicians who have supported illegal wars, regime change, torture, drone assassinations, economic sanctions, etc. Of course, none of this will happen as justice is a human created illusion.


Pre-emptive overthrows, occupations and wars have been a staple of murkin sepshunalism since the 19th century.


Remember how Trump seems to be able to do anything he wants when Biden tells you he can’t help Americans out because his hands are tied.


“Biden’s hands are tied” harkens back to Harry Reid’s daily mantra when he was Senate Majority Leader…“I don’t have the votes”.


But their action also shows that if and when Trump does start a war against Iran, that it was the US that is the aggressor, not Iran.

Pursuing peaceful solutions such as this are just the right action for any country as opposed to launching military actions.


The only worthwhile 'peaceful solutions" will be ones where Trump, his appointees and other enablers are indicted. If all the criminal GOP operatives are brought to justice the trials will snag more defendants than Nuremberg did.


LOL!!!, yepper.

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The Hague has a nice ring to it. This is where they all belong!