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Iran: Let's Make a Deal


Iran: Let's Make a Deal

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu touched down in the United States for a contentious two-day visit specifically designed to derail a pending nuclear agreement between Iran, the United States and other world powers, the Iranian foreign minister on Monday made his nation's position clear and said a deal is close so long as the Obama administration can muster the political will to see it through.


If the US wanted to, this would be their/our chance to build some ‘facts on the ground,’ so to speak, that would cut the ground out from beneath Bibi’s feet. Can’t say that wouldn’t make me smile.


The P5 + 1…negotiations in which the 5 countries may decide to lift their sanctions designed to punish Iran for maybe possibly eventually thinking about developing nuclear weapons, which would be such an enormous threat to peace and safety that sanctions are justified. Correct me if I’m wrong–all five countries already HAVE nuclear weapons, and one of them has actually used them in an act of war. The unnamed sixth country desperately trying to stop the agreement also has nukes, but doesn’t officially admit it and has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty or allow inspections, unlike Iran. Given all this, it seems these negotiations are undertaken in such bad faith, amid such choking clouds of dishonesty and hypocrisy, that it’s a bit hard to be hopeful…or to talk about this, given that the real issues don’t even have any overlap with the ostensible ones.


It seems unlikely that the U.S. will lift all the sanctions. Big Oil, the MIC and a few other powerful players won’t permit it. Instead expect a watered down, insulting proposition to Iran so that Obama can save face when Iran rejects the weak proposal from this Administration.


Except that they are not even “diplomatic negotiations” in any sense except from the arrogant perspective of the US government. Sitting down at a table and declaring: “You must stop doing this and this and this or we will continue our ruinous economic blockade” is not diplomacy, it is a unilateral ultimatum of an aggressor and bully."


Tie his criminal’s ass onto a rocket and fire it twards Iran, see how he’ll feel about more blood shed and wars Israel and IPAC have forced the US to partake in. Israel want war let Israel fight it, spend their own money and use their own “powerful” military.


Bibi reminds me of a playground, kid that has no fear and always picks a fight because he knows his big brother will not let anything happen to him. Nutty Yahoo is really a fascist, coward but knows his big brother, the fascists in Amerika will not let anything happen to him.


Yeah, If the United States wanted to.” That’s the rub.


Sad, but too true.


True but now with Russia flexing it’s muscles it seems to me that the big brother’s is facing a big angry bear.


True. And that angry bear has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the whole world. And I assure you they will not hesitate to use them if they feel cornered in the Ukraine.


I feel that until Sharia Law is abandoned, and The Existential threat by Tehran to Israel is removed through changing the Doctrine of Iran, they cannot be trusted.
What is Iran giving in these Negotiations?


And why, exactly, should Iran not develop nuclear power? The US has – and has deployed – nuclear weapons, killing millions. Israel, waging it’s immoral, illegal war on the Palestinians, has nuclear weapons, and would not hesitate to use them against Iran or any other nation.

And who elevated the US gubment – which is determined to control the world’s fossil-fuel market – to police the rest of the world and ensure that the corporate-owned US Military-Industrial Complex profits from our gubment’s illegal wars waged against other nations for the purpose of corporate profits?

This is NOT the nation that my father fought and died for in WWII. Actually, it never was that nation.


The reason We believe Iran should not be trusted is due to their expressions of hate and destruction. Their constitution, calls for the destruction of Israel. They are the biggest exporter of terror on the planet.


Israel and the U.S. is not looking for a deal unless
Iran will let them give up their weapons so they can
walk into their nation as they did to Iraq…

We are seeing the full corruption of the U.S. , Israel and
Saudi Arabia today…

They want Iran and any nation in the middle east to let them
have their way with them…