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Iran’s ‘Nuclear Ambitions’ Go Unquestioned in Coverage of Iran Deal Momentum

Iran’s ‘Nuclear Ambitions’ Go Unquestioned in Coverage of Iran Deal Momentum

Gunar Olsen

As Democratic senators declared their support for the deal struck between Iran and six world powers–an agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action–corporate media coverage of this momentum is leaving out at least one crucial detail: the lack of evidence that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb.

I don’t think my consent has been manufactured yet. Nope, not feeling it yet…


Trust but verify the country of origin on the manufacturer of the consent. Look for the label and if you can’t find one, well, it’s probably classified.

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You’re not watching enough television.


Both the CIA and Mossad have said Iran hasn’t had an active nuclear weapons development program in years. So politician’s arguments against the deal are actually arguments against lifting the sanctions. Netanyahu and the neocons want regime change in Iran and see a stronger economy as strengthening an enemy. That, not the specifics of inspections etc., is what fuels their violent opposition to the deal.


Everybody knows nuclear power is just a front for building atom bombs.

On the other hand, Iran just signed a mutual protection pact with China and Russia. Looks like Iran doesn’t need to spend billions to reinvent the bomb.

A high speed rail follows the old silk and spice trail from Beijing to Tehran with a loop to Moscow.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it corporatistas.

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Don’t need to - I listen to NPR. :confused:


Neocon Public Radio?

And your consent hasn’t been manufactured?

Have you had a hearing check recently? :smile:

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The Ministry of Truth is working 24/7 to convince everyone that Netanyahu’s paranoia is the way to go.

  • Everything I read dealing with the treaty has great caveats that this is just to slow down Iran’s inexorable desire to build a bomb. The fact that Iran has not attacked anyone for several centuries is of no importance (they are pretty good at defending themselves, however). The fact that no “intelligence” agency, including MOSSAD has been able to find any interest in nuclear weaponry, let alone development of the same. The fact that Iran is hosting nuclear disarmament conferences and continually advocating global nuclear disarmament seems to be buried somewhere.
  • Every time that anything comes out about Iran, especially something constructive, Bibi, sitting on his two-hundred plus nuclear armed ICBMs, starts screaming “We’ve got to destroy Iran before they destroy us!”
  • And the propaganda ministries of the world parrot this to the world.
  • What Iran has been forced to agree to, just to get rid of the sanctions (in the next few years, if they toe the line) that have wreaked hardships on the Iranian People is obscene.
  • Iran has been fucked over ever since Mossadeq was removed in 1953 by the CIA and GB. The Quisling Shah was lionized by the press, and when he was thrown out by the people of Iran, the people were demonized by the press.
  • I’d love to hear at least one politician support the treaty because it is the right thing to do and will relieve some of the stress on the Iranian People, but no, every one of them lists all the things needed to curtail Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program, which does not exist. Every damned one of them concludes with a desire to bomb Iran.
  • Seventy-eight years ago, I was born into the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. It wasn’t perfect, but our Bill of Rights left us free to speak our minds, to have privacy in our homes and occupations. The FBI had to show cause in court to bug a person’s home or phone. We fought a horrendous war to rid the world of Fascists and the Reich.
  • I never expected to live into the Twenty-first Century, and never in my worst nightmares did I think I’d ever find myself living in the US Fourth Reich, but here I am, fortunately not for too long, I imagine. I sure feel sorry for the young folks who have grown up never knowing freedom or privacy, not even having the concept of actual freedom.
  • I hope to hell these war criminals, who seem to infest the government at almost every level, will leave Iran at peace, and get the hell out of all the other nations we are terrorizing and slaughtering.
  • What was the old song, “To Dream the Impossible Dream?”

Please; the USA was dragged into it, kicking and screaming, by the Japanese after sitting on its arse for 2 1/4 years. The USA made a massive profit from the UK from WW2; the UK war debt with interest was finally paid off to the USA around 60 years later

An Iranian friend says that they need nuclear power for their burgeoning population. Although they have the third largest petroleum reserves, they have no refineries and must buy gasoline and fuel oil. These nuclear experts place great credence on the fact that they have relinquished plutonium. http://mediamatters.org/blog/2015/09/08/nuclear-experts-praise-iran-nuclear-deals-pluto/205404

Right, there’s never been a war where the rich haven’t gotten richer, but my comment is what We the People felt we were doing. We were trying to rid the world of an horrible bunch of cruel and deadly bastards. It cost us much of a generation and we were on close rations just like the UK.

  • The point of my comment is that we are now the horrible bunch of cruel and deadly bastards. Who is going to stop us, this time?
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Fair comment.

Though I’ll bet the USA wasn’t on rations as tight as those in the UK, which continued to 1954. Ironically, the UK rations provided a far healthier diet (but one deadly dull) than post-1954 overall, when white sliced bread and instant coffee hit the hoardings. The government controlled the quality of the food that went into the rations and made sure that nothing was wasted; during the war it was illegal to throw food in the dust-bin (garbage can in USAianese) and one could end up in jail for doing it. How times have changed; we now have obesity epidemics!

JJ: You have become, after many years on the HuffPest debacle, my go-to commenter.
You print what I want to say before I get there, but it’s marvelous reading. Salut !


The preponderance of lies, false narratives, and other disinformation hardly stops with foreign policy or how international events are framed.

Consider all of the following:

  1. We are a post-racist nation

  2. The massive bank bailout (Q.E. 1-3) saved the economy

  3. Bio genetic foods are safe, increase yield to better feed the world, and are pesticide resistant

  4. The President is working to counter global warming (as he opens up the Arctic to drilling)

Oh, and that the U.S. economy is recovering! Pay no attention to 45 million on food-stamps and how many millions 2 paychecks away from homelessness?

And so many others.

I think you borrowed “toilet paper of record” from Gerald Celente… or was it one of those Hundredth Monkey “coincidences”?

Good attorneys use past precedents to show patterns of action.

Notice how so many military, political, and journalistic luminaries stood straight-faced before MSM cameras to make the case for war against Iraq, and a significant part of their “argument” was the ruse that Saddam had all of these heavy weapons of mass destruction. (Granted, as some cynically point out, since U.S. defense contractors sold those weapons, they ought to know!)

Hans Blix and other weapons inspectors (like Scott Ritter whose career was ruined likely for NOT toeing the necessary line… for war) proved that there were no weapons; and the Downing Street memo leaked that a case was being FIXED for war.

It’s the same players. Advocates and accomplices to the Project for a New American Century with its plans to destroy 7 nations. Most of them HAVE been destroyed.

The wild cards are Europe–dealing with the inevitable refugee problem AND citizens in many nations fed up with the financial fraud that has hemorrhaged so much money on war and bailing out banks while peoples’ lives and lifestyles are being slowly reduced, if not placed under threat.

IF media was not owned by those who profit from selling wars and other sickening policies, these kinds of Crimes Against Humanity could not continue to happen.

Collapse is coming. Many think that a U.S. stealth weapon caused that explosion in China as a threat and response to China’s currency manipulations. Who knows. U.S. Citizens NEVER get the true story from official sources. And there’s plenty of disinformation on the Internet. How many independent writers still are loyal to the official 911 tale of terror?

Current day reality is something out of a Herman Hesse hall of mirrors novel crossed with Dante’s Inferno.

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As you know, I strongly object to the framing that puts citizens in the same category as the military, corrupt elites, corporations, and the corporate-state (i.e. government) merger that is, as you often call it, a virtual Fourth Reich.

The “greatest generation,” which seems to warrant your reference had a few things going for it that younger generations did not.

First of all, mass media was in its very beginning phases. My father’s generation didn’t have T.V. and while radio could be influential–as was proven when so many took Orson Well’s reading “War of the Worlds” for an actual space attack… it is the visual and the hidden subliminal cues, sounds, and messages that have created a version of mass mind control that so many here dismiss as if it were inconsequential.

In addition (as is pointed out by numerous Internet sources who insist that the coming Crash is going to warrant all kinds of survival skills), many people in the past had farming skills, or were skilled in all sorts of trades. In lieu of this self-sufficiency and under the guise of “progress/modernization/development” dependencies (on centralized entities) were fostered.

With so much industry concentrated into corporate factories and so many of those shipped overseas, too many American citizens just push paper, answer phones, wait tables, clean bathrooms, or arrest people.

The skillsets have been largely robbed.

The loss of self-sufficiency and localism added to the significant role played by mass media in telling lies often are major reasons for the dependency you seem to be railing against.

Between McCarthy’s purging of independent thinkers, the bust on Hollywood, the FBI’s infiltration of Black panthers, the women’s movement, the Environmental movements and the stealth attack on media, academia, and the courts through the saturation of think tank graduates who pushed the Conservative Ethos behind the scenes for decades… helps to explain how our govt. became a subsidiary of corporations and so little left in place to honor our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or established laws and liberties.

Some blame citizens for what they don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know. This stance grants the REAL perpetrators of massive crimes against humanity a pass.

I can’t accept this argument.

Make sure to leave out the VAST chemical saturation of food, the biology-bending, digestion-upending twists of bio-tech “food” like all that corn syrup added to cereals, breads, spaghetti sauces, and just about anything you can imagine. How this forum’s “guests” love to blame the beneficiaries’ of others’ evil deeds… for THAT evil!

I think Iran probably decided at one point to build a few bombs for use in event of a serious US attack on her territory. Everyone in the world is looking for ways to neutralize a US carrier task force and a nuclear armed ballistic missile is high on the list of options. The idea really being what it was in the days of the USSR: Deterrence.
I’ve also picked up scuttlebutt, and it may be just that, to the effect that Iran picked up some bombs from Azerbaijan during the breakup of the Soviet Union and needs isotopes for their maintenance. This may be the reason the USA and/or Israel have not already attacked.

Gosh, SiouxRose, I didn’t notice that I had let the hated “we” into my comment. I guess I’ll have to put a boilerplate correction anytime I say “we”.

  • How about something like “the Oligarchical controlled government which has morphed into the US Fourth Reich and is rapidly turning citizens into hungry serfs or proles while it proceeds to make war on many nations of the Earth.”?
  • That’s a bit clumsy. We are all, for the most part, stuck here in the Reich. Whether we are for or against this madness, unfortunately we are all here. When talking about what the Reich is doing, we are all a part of it, whether we agree with it or not.
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