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Iran Says Military Shot Down Ukraine Airliner in 'Disastrous Mistake' Amid Heightened Tensions With US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/11/iran-says-military-shot-down-ukraine-airliner-disastrous-mistake-amid-heightened

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Of course- It’s Trumps fault!

This honesty is soul piercing. So sad for all who died in this tragic “mistake.”

Yes, Trump is to blame! His stupidity put everyone on hyper-alert and with hair trigger reactions exploding like shrapnel in everyones brains.

Note very clearly. No deaths occurred after the missile attack on military bases–unlike the U.S. drone wars that kill whomever the powers that be point a poison finger.


True about Trump but they should have shut down the airport duh and not gaslighted everyone.


Just lucky it was Canadians killed… not Americans in that plane crash… otherwise Trumpian WW3 scenario again.


My thoughts as well. Common sense says you ground civilian aircraft when there’s missiles being launched.


Normally Americans have no problem with “collateral damage”, thousands and thousands of nameless victims are no more. War is a crime and the perpetuators criminals.


Not so lucky for the Canadians, tho.


So , innocent, neocon, Christian Zionist Pompeo CIA controlled Trump, IS acting in a vacuum?


If not for the “bone-headed” murder of the Iranian General on Iraq soil, yes, all of those people would still be breathing.


Trump, the stochastic terrorist strikes again. Evil must be expunged. Can we afford to wait until November? Lightning wherefore art thou? Front nine, back nine, I care not…

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And so this is the collateral damage for our leadership’s tragic lack of diplomacy. And number one, our country’s continued imperial stance.

Long past time for a new way of doing things.


The assassination was supposed to be another 911 event by putting American troops in harm’s way. That way the neocons could have their war with Iran. Iran foiled the plot by giving the soldiers, at the base, a warning.

The rest is a tragic mistake. Our troops owe their well being to the clear thinking of Iran.


There shouldn’t have been a Iran “crisis” in the first place.


Of course not.

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In fact, there shouldn’t be any American military there, at all.


It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. This whole incident is just awful.


176 innocent deaths due to the greed of the MIC.


One way to get America to send the first missile and start the war .

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However, as Iran warned the U.S that it would attack military targets—NO ONE was said to have been killed in that attack on the American base in Iraq.
It was a tragedy that this happened. I heard on NPR that a commander sent word down the line NOT to have anything military near the airport—and that this information did not make it all the way down the line.
In 1988 the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger plane 665----America denied it for a long time–finally agreed to pay for the deaths of the passengers—$6.1 million-----but it took America until 1996 to pay.

Ukraine wants compensation and they should have it—but with sanctions on Iran—how are Iranians supposed to pay?
I also read that Trump tried to kill another general in Yemen but missed. Trump is a danger to the world—and I still resent Israel 's USS Liberty bombing and nothing even a rebuke seemed to come from that murder of all those sailors. I really wish that the UN was worth something in order to solve horrors like these. Maybe if they moved the UN to the EU more positives for humanity would happen.