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Iran Says US Must Fix Its Own 'Nontransparent' and Undemocratic Elections Before Lecturing Others

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/iran-says-us-must-fix-its-own-nontransparent-and-undemocratic-elections-lecturing


AWESOME. The rest of the family of nations need to call out the US in this way.


If the two War Parties get their way, there will be only two “frauds” to choose from again.

My prediction : Again 95% of the electorate will be happy to choose either a Democrat or a Republican.

I’m not including Bernie cause deep down we all know what’s going to happen there.

Those of us who know better, will be blamed for voting against the corruption the other 95% supported making one of their messiahs lose.


Time to take over all the local Dem party offices and kick out the clintonistas. We can’t have a grassroots president without grass roots party officers.


Hang on a second!!
Do we want California, Chicago and NYC to elect the president forevermore?
An individual could campaign in two cities and one state and win. Cover the rest with whistle stops.
Sarcasm = does save time and money.

Besides, 18% of our population elects 52 senators. There is the real power.

Hi merf:
Yes, the U.S. is getting very tiresome in its attitude as if America has no errors, or criminal actions — of course there’s the UK with Boris—and with Macron—I have some hope there—but really, if Israel is our best friend, then America is in big trouble. We are for sure, the World’s biggest hypocrisy--------and lying about the insanity makes us seem even more insane. : (


From Greg Palast’s website interview:
Greg Palast: Now, understand, if you register as a Democrat it doesn’t mean you have to vote Democrat in the general or anywhere else. It just means you have the right to vote in the primary without getting hassled, without having your vote thrown out.

Just so you know, in Los Angeles in 2016 there were 66,000 ballots which were about to be disqualified because they were Independent voters who received Democratic party ballots. They didn’t say “crossover Democratic party ballots”. Cause the nice lady behind the table, she doesn’t know these wacky rules. Someone walks in and says, “I’m Independent, I want a Democratic party ballot.” She says, “Oh yeah, here’s one.” Well, it’s about to be thrown out. Only the County of Los Angeles in all of California, only the County said, you know what? Those are legitimate voters. We shouldn’t go, gotcha, and throw out their ballots. So 66,000 ballots in Los Angeles were saved for Bernie.

However, well over a quarter million — and I want to repeat that, a quarter million ballots — were thrown in the garbage because they’re Independent voters. Independent voters who got Democratic party ballots that didn’t say the word “crossover“ on them. And in some cases, like in Santa Rosa and in Orange County, they would not give you that crossover ballot, they would give you a provisional ballot. And, as you know, in California, if you’re not entitled to a provisional ballot, if you’re not a registered Democrat and you didn’t take a provisional crossover ballot, they will not count it. They don’t count it.

So Bernie won. I’m sorry Bernie won in 2016 in California. They just would not count his ballots. And it could happen again. The Sanders campaign, and I give him credit for this… This is not an endorsement of Bernie, but… finally… they heard the word from last time and they’ve now sent out this giant six page form that you fill out that will get you the requested crossover Democratic party ballot. So Bernie’s getting more sophisticated.

It’s not a matter of whether you’re for Bernie or against Bernie. Let’s count all the votes. Even Bernie ballots deserve to be shouted, don’t you think?


I’ll shout them for you Health4All.

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Ponyboy, be careful of what you wish for. Before you jump into the creek, check the depth, make sure you’re not gonna break your neck. So it goes with universal health care. Do yourself a favor, and RESEARCH countries that DO ACTUALLY HAVE such health care. Check out how it works for them, exchanging an email or two with some of the folks in such countries will benefit you greatly. I live in Australia, and it’s claimed we have universal heath care here, but the FACTS are, MONEY TALKS, and BULLSHIT walks. Folks with money still get priority care, whilst the folks relying on Medicare, need to stand in line. Too bad if your at the end of the line. If your going to fight for universal health care, make sure you get the best you can. B.T.W. the real reason we are all in this position, is purely because of the GREED of the medical professionals and the Insurance industry. You cannot trust them one iota.


" B.T.W. the real reason we are all in this position, is purely because of the GREED of the medical professionals and the Insurance industry. You cannot trust them one iota."
You sure got that part right!! The system in Canada is great overall. If you haver a problem in Aussie your not riding you politicians butts enough.


Way to say it, Abbas. We needed that. We deserve it.

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Geezzz…no truer words were spoken.

The U.S. is great at calling out other countries for doing the same things it does. It’s also funny how they like to label democratically elected leaders of countries they have a problem with as dictators, while some of our biggest friends are dictatorships like Arabia. That’s what you get though when you live under a system of legalized bribery that allows the capture of the government by big money. Don’t vote establishment!