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Iran Sends Oil, Gas Flotilla to Venezuela; Will Trump Attack It to Sabotage Biden?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/07/iran-sends-oil-gas-flotilla-venezuela-will-trump-attack-it-sabotage-biden


I am sure that Biden has back channeled to both Iran and Venezuela that his vision is not that of Trump’s and that America going forward will be less clumsy. As for Abrams, he should have been put in prison a long time ago. I believe he was a signatory to PNAC if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully someone in the military will tell Trump that they were unable to locate the flotilla or some such thing. Since it does seem to violate international law an attack order might be refused on those grounds. Does the Navy really want to duke it out ultimately in the Persian Gulf against Iran’s high speed boats attacking oil tankers and missiles attacking anything at the narrow throat? Trump is no military strategist, he’s a dolt. However, he does want to leave a steaming pile for Biden, so all bets are off.

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I’m not so sure about Venezuela and the Biden team, both sides of the aisle were in support of the Guaido coup when it was tried.

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Hopefully through Maduro’s power through the people in Venezuela and Atce’s in Bolivia, Biden will see that South Americans are resisting being pushed around by US.


I don’t think the Empire’s think tanks consider much of any push back from South Americans. China is another story…

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I am a little unclear about where Guaido stands in the oil mess. I read somewhere that he had control of Venezuela’s oil bank accounts. Is it the old ones? Surely Venezuela is not making oil for Guaido!

The solution, of course, is to move to solar in the Middle East and water and wave power in Venezuela.

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I may be just guessing, but I have some slight doubt that Biden has the stones to expose Abrams for the “killer” that he is.

Trump, of course in the course of being psychologically molded/weaponized, as he was, by father Fred, that being a “killer” is a great and the only seminal trait to the top.

With this strange and extended election, the common “October surprise” will very possibly arrive a little later, as a late Christmas, or even a “January Surprise”.

At least Chauncy Gardener was a mild and peaceful idiot — where as, faux-Emperor Trump … is a, well, let’s just pick the term from somewhere in DSM-5.

Surely Trump is vindictive enough to do that. But what on Earth makes Juan Cole imagine that Joe Biden would not see that as a favor, when decades of public record show that he is anxious to get himself into any war that might be on the horizon?

It seems far more likely that Trump would deliberately muff the opportunity to start a war just to spite Joe–or that the two are laughing and clinking glasses over it: I don’t go around in these particular circles.

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simply put --the US is a terrorist nation of the first order- resource thieves and ecosystem destroyers–all for the money --just like any pirate, crook, or criminal anywhere

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Biden came out in favor of the Trump coup attempt in Venezuela