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Iran Urged to Respect Human Rights as Officials Block Social Media Access and Protests Turn Deadly


Iran Urged to Respect Human Rights as Officials Block Social Media Access and Protests Turn Deadly

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Observers condemn violence while also demanding that neither the U.S. government, "nor others in the region or beyond, undermine the safety of the Iranian people or exploit the current protests for their own benefit."

Iran protest


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We set the state for this to happen. Well, maybe it’s best to say, our government set the stage.


I figure the CIA is right there, already exploiting protests, if not downright fomenting them to begin with, just as they are in Venezuela. It looks to me like 1953 all over again. Maybe they think they can do it “right” this time, without an eventual backlash.


Probably correct, but even if wrong, there is absolutely no doubt about it in my mind that the CIA loves it that someone else is doing their dirty work. Will these protests give Trump an excuse to nullify the nuclear, Iran agreement?


Yes,I think that is what he has in mind. And ultimately an excuse for war against Iran, in his sick ‘brain’.


It’s always been puzzling for me how “progressives” always think “the CIA” is always doing stuff. Maybe it’s just simple people wanting freedom, or change maybe? Your CIA was totally taken by surprise in 1989 when all the Eastern European nations got rid of the communist boot stomping on their faces (to paraphrase someone).


It’s here already. Facebook is deleting accounts based on lists supplied by the US govt and the Zionist apartheid settler state of Israel. You can look it up. Glenn Greenwald of Intercept has published on this.


This might be a good time for joining the Iranians in solidarity actions here in the US including boycotts of US and “the others”–Israel and Saudi Arabia, that is–then move on to more intense and prolonged actions.


Just speculation: I think the intelligence communities of the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel got this started and will use it to exploit the situation to their advantage. We really have no business meddling in other nation’s internal affairs. Sure human rights will be used to stir the pot and get folks behind this current uprising. All nations need to keep out of it or we’ll be in another war we can’t win. Civil rights? Two allies named above have appalling records involving human rights yet we still support them!?? Let it play out without intervention, just as they ask and see what shakes out of the trees of dissent. Iranian economics is seriously hampered by sanctions imposed by US dictates. The nuclear deal should have freed up $billions of capital for their people. Let them sort it out stand by the nuclear deal, JPCOA, and move on. Also hope the Iranians don’t pay too dearly for leadership’s quelling of the dissent.


After viewing the photo, I’ll go hurl. What a monster in the most literal since, Kissinger needs to go away for good.


See my comment. Agreed most assuredly, Mossad too I suspect and the Saudi’s.


Absolutely! Thanks.


There is no question that the CIA is “always doing stuff” because it’s been well documented and written about. At the time Truman established the CIA, his SoS warned him that it would be unaccountable, in the manner it was being set up. Truman himself wrote in the 60s that he never envisioned it doing covert work and that it should be restored solely as an intelligence arm of the president as he’d intended. There are many sources of info about the CIA’s covert actions. If you want to learn something about all this, I’d recommend as a starter William Blum’s book, “Killing Hope”. Stephen Kinzer’s book, “The Brothers” details the early years of the CIA under Allen Dulles, as does “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot. There is a wealth of information out there about the CIA’s evil antics–one need only look. As far as being “surprised”, I’d say that just demonstrates that the intelligence gathering arm isn’t too great at its job sometimes.


Only the most sophomoric, naive and politically ignorant believe what they are told to believe about the C.I.A. Those are all informative books that you list. The CIA has fomented many,many covert rebellions murders and coups in countries all over the world including the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba which was done without JFK’s approval by Dulles and probably was why JFK fired Dulles and vowed to " smash the CIA into a thousand pieces" but the CIA got to him first!

And to paraphrase Perkins in his excellent book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, WHEN TALKING TO LEADERS OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES: you can either accept my countries bribe or a CIA bullet!


This merely confirms that the US sees Iran as an “enemy”. As we know, HRs have been weaponised in US foreign policy, used to bludgeon states it has hostile intentions towards. However, allies are allowed a free pass on any abuse of human rights they like. Meanwhile the US plots manipulations of social media to silence any alternative voice. If Common Dreams thinks itself safe because only “naughty” sites like Russia Today or Sputnik are being censored at present (by most liberal outlets too) they should recall Martin Niemöller’s words.


its is already HERE! if you are a minority, you know its already here!

Black lives Matter
Being non-white in america…

Honey, its been here, where have you BEEN???


Soros was behind eastern Europe’s color revolutions…


Thanks for your response. I’m glad you mentioned John Perkins, as his books are another great resource. I am just now re-reading his book, The Secret History of the American Empire (at least I think it is re-reading-- with the state my memory is in these days, I’m not sure). :wink:


They thought they were free until they realized the truth…and then it was too late. If the FCC has its way, sites like Common Dreams and others on the net like Truth Dig will be marginalized.