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Iran Urges Diplomacy as Trump White House Ramps Up 'Wildly Reckless' Threats of War

Iran Urges Diplomacy as Trump White House Ramps Up 'Wildly Reckless' Threats of War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the face of belligerent threats of war from the Trump administration, Iran on Wednesday took what some observers described as rational steps to reduce compliance with the nuclear accord to pressure European nations to live up to their end of the deal.

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But Abdi, don’t you realize that is exactly what the axis of evil…Trump, Bolton and Pompeo want?


The news on trump sounds like the WH occupant was a washer-boy of stunning scale - of money that is. No wonder wall street and various R&D characters are squirming about the hopeful clarity on the tax records.


I do believe trump et al will go to war and foment military nationalism with his already crazed base as the ultimate distraction before any of this march toward fascist, dictatorship is hampered. Is this fascism? Inverted totalitarianism? Dictatorship? Oligarchy?

A combination of all of the above?

Whatever you call it, we are in uncharted territory that is omnicidal.

The current political and societal breakdown is set amidst the 6th mass extinction, the population hurtling toward 8 billion, CO2 levels of over 415 ppm, the arctic ice in free fall and climate breakdown/chaos all over the planet.

trump et al will not go down without a fight and I believe that most likely will take the form of attempting to externalize and distract through a major war.

He is a madman enabled by other pathological human beings who together are systematically stripping away whatever meager checks and balances existed in the u.s.


Pence claims Iran sending terrorists to Venezuela.

Mike Pence says…
Donald Trump says…
Mike Pompeo says…
John Bolton says…

Liars and fabricators all and these lies drive foreign policy.


I hope like hell that I am wrong, but since a sitting president cannot be indicted, what better way for Trump to stay in office after 2020 than a nuclear war and also, what should really scare the American. people, is our Amerikan, Fuehrer declaring martial law which would make Trump a full-fledged, Amerikan, dictator with complete immunity from criminal, prosecution.


I would not be surprised to see trump grow a Hitler mustache now that he’s come full circle on tyrannical stupidity.


I agree and hope like hell I am wrong too.


I doubt he could even grow a weed never mind a mustache!!!


Will the Pentagon rebel against Trump directives to use nuclear weapons? A secret military coup to restore sane civilian rule is possible.


He could try a comb-over stash.


We could wish for a Military Coup, but it will never return to civilian control. I expect the military will follow orders, they have been waiting patiently for decades to try out Nuclear tools or as they see them toys.

Michio Kaku - Top Secret Military War Plans The will of the people is more powerful than hydrogen bombs.”

While placing their hand on a book based on fiction and mythology.

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I agree with your analysis but would add that Trump the billionaire is thirsting to sip from the cup of ultimate power (in our society) - to be a President and go to war. What else is left after being a billionaire and then becoming the most powerful man on the planet but to exercise that power and choose (order) to go to war.

Someone should walk behind Trump and whisper in his ear that ‘Remember Caesar, thou art mortal’!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think Trump would say - “Just a sip! I just want to taste it.”

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When “W” ran this place, I was ashamed to be (a)merican.
Now that Dumbf is in charge, I take that shame to the nth power.
The U.S. will have earned every bomb that blows up here. And, unfortunately, just like in all the countries where the U.S. is aiding and abetting and PERFORMING MURDER, innocents will be who suffers the most. Why aren’t GOVERNMENTS and MILITARY targets…not civilians!!!
One-way AGGRESSION cannot last forever…


US actions indicate that preparations are far advanced for a provocation that could - and most likely would - trigger a catastrophic war.


Might I suggest you take what that right wing rag has to say with a shaker of salt?

Well said, Caroline. I don’t know why this knuckle-dragger is still sitting in the Oval Office. It will be a very sad day if we attack Iran.

And then becoming the most powerful (and ridiculed) man on the planet. (You omitted that part)