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Iran Warns US Not to Interfere with Venezuelan Oil Flotilla

Thanks, when Muammar Gaddafi wanted to change the American petro-dollar to the gold Dinar, I knew war on Libya was inevitable,. Obama was just following his instructions.


I think the confident tone affected by the Iranians is because of something (slightly noticed out here) which happened over there last September: a well-coordinated, damaging drone-strike against Saudi oil facilities. Patrick Cockburn at once recognized that military history had undergone a quantum transformation:

Debate is ongoing about whether it was the Iranians or the Houthis who carried out the attack, the likely answer being a combination of the two, but perhaps with Iran orchestrating the operation and supplying the equipment. But over-focus on responsibility diverts attention from a much more important development: a middle ranking power like Iran, under sanctions and with limited resources and expertise, acting alone or through allies, has inflicted crippling damage on theoretically much better-armed Saudi Arabia which is supposedly defended by the US, the world’s greatest military super-power.

If the US and Saudi Arabia are particularly hesitant to retaliate against Iran it is because they know now, contrary to what they might have believed a year ago, that a counter-attack will not be a cost-free exercise. What happened before can happen again: not for nothing has Iran been called a “drone superpower”. Oil production facilities and the desalination plants providing much of the fresh water in Saudi Arabia are conveniently concentrated targets for drones and small missiles.

The Drone Strikes on the Saudi Oil Facilities Have Changed Global Warfare


I get your cynicism and I share it. I was deflecting the blame to the congress. They first handed the ability to make war exclusively to the president back in the 1950s. Admittedly, under the constitution they really don’t have a foreign policy role short of funding, but even in the funding they’re screwed. The FED went for decades without an audit before Sanders teamed up with, I think, McCain to force an audit of the 2008 giveaways. We would not have known about the $16 trillion that was loaned to world corporations and banks instead of making American people whole without that info. The Pentagon has been falsifying their books for 20 years and nobody does a thing while trillions are flushed down the toilet in illegal and unnecessary wars. I am regularly accused of being a Trump supporter because I’m willing to point out that he is not the reason everything is so screwed up, he is only a symptom of government corruption at the highest level finally coming home to roost after 50 years of regressive policies. IMO, the damage Reagan and Dubya did to this country far outweighs the anything the orange-haired fool does on his worst days. Plus I can read and understand what evidence is and as a result I called Russiagate as a fraud from day one and if I had a choice between Trump out of office and Clapper, Brennan, Rice (either one), and Comey in jail – I would have to go with the latter. Biden will never beat Trump, we need to vote the bums out of congress and change the direction of this country once and for all.


True and do not forget the Gorilla in the room, Russia an ally of Iran.


Monroe Doctrine comes into play here. It was the act of a fledgling Empire, telling the rest of the world to keep its hands off the USA’s private little kingdom. And we’ve been messing with countries globally, not just here in the Americas.
Meanwhile, CIC is off golfing today. Who cares that Covid is out of control in 26 states. Who cares that we’re in Great Depression territory economically, that we’re so divided both culturally and politically that there’s a high probability the Old South may finally win the war and split off.
This is a remix of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but with a poorly educated group of greedy mo-fos at the helm, not people who, though from wealthy backgrounds, were educated in history and the arts. I doubt anyone in Trumpland has read The Art of War.
Perhaps this is a good time to bend down, put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye.


From cattle rustling and horse thievery in far deserts to piracy on the high Caribbean sea …my country tis of thee.


After 1989 and the beginning of the end of the USSR, Amerika needed to create “enemies”. The MIC plundering must continue. Aha ! terrorists. The MSM led by the NYT ,WashPo, and assorted think tanks looked to their master in the Middle East for guidance. Their answer, an event to catalyze the masses to acquiesce. How fortunate for the warmongers,911. And the dogs of eternal wars were unleashed.


I doubt they have read “the pet goat”.


amen amen

Soooooo damn true! Chomsky wrote about manufactured consent, he could also have written about manufactured enemies. The Pentagons $738 billion $$$$$ budget is no different than any other business…they cannot survive without a demand for their war mongering products and that demand is supplied by manufactured enemies.


I probably have. Worry for them.


Most who enamor Trump don’t read anything.


Oh, I agree that this Congress has been AWOL since 2001. Which, to me, allowed the MSM to get " inbedded " with the MIC right to the sheets being tucked under all their chinny, chinny chins.
A brand new Congress is necessary, followed by the dissolution of the Senate. Just end it, they’re worthless. Jesse Helms, Joe Biden…R U kidding.
Reagan, Da’ Bushes, Clinton…more bad news.
Good for you on Russiagate, I was slow on the uptake on that, but then I just think how hard Rachel Maddow must scrub every night to get all the egg off her face, and I feel much better allmost immediately.
Trump is like a copy of the sleazy National Enquirer, lying next to a copy of the National Geographic, in a doctor’s office. I can honestly say since childhood I’ve never considered picking up a National Enquirer. Not even interested.
But, that’s just me… Have I missed anything?


“A flotilla of five tankers carrying Iranian fuel for gasoline-starved Venezuela is approaching the Caribbean”

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the western hemisphere. Now they need to import oil from Iran. The successes of Socialism keep piling up…

" The Fortune has been navigating with its satellite signal on since it passed the Suez Canal earlier in May. "

As it is the mandate for all ships on international voyages. Chinese ships turn it off on their voyage to Iran to pick up oil in Iran to go around the US sanctions.

But we haven’t yet had a real war with South America and there is a big play there for China. So it should help to take the spotlight off of the stupid way Trump handled the pandemic.


And, of course, what we create with our war-mongering, bombings, and assassinations, are more terrorists attempting to “get even” with those who killed their kith and kin. We create our own enemies, our own “terrorists”. Would you not want to do the same? Would you not want to perpetrate some disaster on a country which, for no understandable reason, took the life of your father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc? Being a “progressive” does not mean I am not capable of human feelings of retribution. Would I carry them out is the question. I believe I would, even though I consider myself a pacifist there’s a limit which can be exceeded by an entity that would trigger a response for wrongs committed without reason.

Let us just sit this one out and allow the free trade of goods and services without shedding blood.


To get into this deeper, I would like to have read Venezuela’s official letter, embedded in the twitter post, explaining their position. But even enlarging it doesn’t make it all visible. As I see it, Common Dreams needs to help its readers understand the news either by better formatting or by quoting from such material in the article itself. I don’t know why this can’t be done. --frustrated reader


Oh no, you got it all. Tro’ da bums out, I say! Well said.

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Absolutely nothing I said could be interpreted to be suggesting that. WTF?


Wow! What a long list, many of which I was not aware. We are a warring nation; a nemesis to peoples around the planet. That is one of the few things we are still good at; making and selling weapons for killing humans and waging wars for natural resources or strategic military and economic advantage. And we have long benefitted and enjoyed the spoils of war, until now, when the oligarchy has drained the populace of so much wealth that we are having our lifestyle crimped. So now, Americans are finally getting a very small taste of the suffering we have been doling out to others and the reaction of some is to show up at rallies brandishing all sorts of weaponry, because that is how many Americans know how to respond to crisis, by intimidation or murder. Perhaps had we not let the profiteers send most of our manufacturing overseas we could have focused on beneficial products and weaned ourselves off making devices of murder, but we have limited areas of expertise remaining that don’t involve human suffering. We must turn this around and save ourselves by saving others from our destruction.