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Iran Will Never Trust America Again


Iran Will Never Trust America Again

Narges Bajoghli

TEHRAN — “We were naive to think the United States would keep its promises in a deal with us,” Hasan, a retired captain in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war — now a prominent film director — said last week from his office in a major regime production studio in central Tehran. “I thought enough time had passed since the revolution that we could potentially engage with America again,” he continued, before he let out a resigned sigh.


Honestly at this point no country should trust America again. The U.S. is officially a rogue nation, whose only allies are other rogue nations. We don’t deserve the world’s trust or respect. They hate us and they are entirely justified in their hate.


Initially, I wondered if anyone would trust America after this.

But given America’s geopolitical and military presence, I suspect many will swallow hard and “stay the course.”

Unless the Europeans can muster the nerve to develop a strong alternative position. Which I hope they will.


This was a deal that was never necessary to stop a bomb, but may have been, to stop a war

And now it may well have failed at that.


What rational country would trust America about anything. If you want to trust America, trust in it’s greed and lack of a moral compass.


The First treaty the US Government ever ratified was with the Delaware First Nations Tribe signed in 1778. The US Government broke that treaty within 8 weeks.

The Government of Iran should have asked the First nations peoples living in the lower 48 just how reliable the US Government was when it cam to signing treaties and making promises.


I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the withdrawal of the US from the Iran nuke deal. I’ve visited several different news sites from all over the world to see how other countries are reacting to this news of Trump’s betrayal on an international agreement with the heads of the UN Security Council plus Germany (6+1).

With this article on Common Dreams from the Iranian perspective, and since Iran has promised to abide by the deal with no nuclear development in their future, we’re in pretty good shape. Especially since ALL of the other signatories minus the US all publicly announcing that they will honor the treaty. At least we have nuclear retaliation and war off the table for now. With the added benefit of no one trusting the US at it’s word on future agreements, US hegemony has finally been broken. France and England will never be US lapdogs for war again if the result will bring war to their doorstep.

How they all deal with US sanctions is another matter. In the end, the US petro dollar may receive a mortal blow from all this. If oil starts being traded in multiple currencies, the US dollar will go the way of all other currencies.

In the last analysis, I think that what Trump has done in the open instead of deals behind closed doors like most presidents, will eventually end up being a good thing. With the US standing alone with Israel and Saudi Arabia, maybe the people in the US will finally start standing up against the MIC and war machine, and start focusing on spending our hard earned tax dollars here at home.

And for heaven’s sake, get those short stubby fingers off the damn big red button!


Even if Iran continued to follow the deal, the new Axis of Evil will find some false justification that they are developing nuclear weapons and then invade Iran. They have done it before with Iraq using that WMDs lie and they will do it again sooner or later.


thank you for that analysis. I need something positive to hold on to. There may be some long term hope, but the short term - whew boy! its gonna be rough


I can’t help but think this will scuttle the Korean deal (indeed, perhaps one of the goals).


The answer is…mostly yes!


The deal didn’t fail us. Our so-called “President”, and his cohorts in the insane asylum that is D,C. these days have failed everyone by intentionally, with no justification, reneging on this deal.


Just like the Iran deal falling through I have no expectation that the N Korea deal will actually hold either. A silver lining though is this might make South Korea turn on the U.S. too and make their own peace with North Korea without the U.S.


However as a citizen, I do not want us to be standing with Israel and Saudi Arabia; It sickens me.


I feel your pain. I’ve had to accept that we are not citizens of a democracy. Ours is a country run by sociopaths in an oligarchy run by corporate behemoths. I don’t stand with Israel or Saudi Arabia. My corrupt mis-representatives from both major parties do. They don’t represent the people of this country and they don’t speak for me.

This Empire has no clothes. At some point more people will wake up to this fact and hopefully will get with their neighbors and start raising hell in the streets all over the world. Weirder things have happened in times past…


Thank you! Yes, all Native American tribes learned centuries ago that the US government speaks with a forked-tongue. It is even worse today.

Another shameful turn of events for those who love America.


The US has betrayed nations, peoples, and justice, started wars, sold out one-time allies, ripped-up and violated treaties, and abused Mother Earth ever since the “New World” was “discovered”.

NO nation, state, people, animal or alien should ever “trust” the US! The trump regime mental illness betrayal of Iran is just the latest example of a very long pattern of such betrayals of convenience …