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Iran Won Upfront Sanctions Relief, But With Potential Snags


Iran Won Upfront Sanctions Relief, But With Potential Snags

Gareth Porter

The framework agreement reached on Thursday night clearly gives the P5+1 a combination of constraints on Iran’s nuclear programme that should reassure all but the most bellicose opponents of diplomacy. It also provides the basis for at least a minimum of sanctions relief in the early phase of its implementation that Iran required, but some of the conditions on that relief are likely create new issue between Iran and the Western powers over the process.


If this analysis is correct, and I have no way of either affirming or denying what Mr. Porter says, it is a maze of complexity, ripe for delay, distortion, and eventual failure. Put away the cone head hats and noise makers, the party might be over, over before it even gets started.


Weighing in the cosmic portents: “As above, so below” style, this deal is fascinating for its textbook like congruence with today’s lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse always occurs at full moon. That means the lights–signifying Yin and Yang counterbalancing forces–are totally opposed, or 180-degrees apart.

This particular lunar eclipse has the Yang sun in Aries, the make-war sign, with the Yin moon in Libra, the sign of law, compromise, and negotiations.

Furthermore, this eclipse is activating a very dangerous inter-planetary pattern which has been in effect (pulsing off and on as planets move forward, and from earth’s point of view, backwards in their given orbital trajectories) for 2 years. It was also in effect during the 1930s when as now, financial implosion impacted the masses and jingoism spread throughout Europe.

Uranus, the maverick planet that represents rebellion, innovation, Truth, and the collective power of groups acting on behalf of the same aspiration, has been in a square (the hardest astrological configuration) with Pluto, the planet of total control through covert as well as overt agencies.

Had this agreement not defused the atmosphere, there WERE astrological indications that war fervor could have caught on or spread way beyond the Netherlands where martial responses (Al Qaida, ISIS, etc.) to prior U.S.-NATO invasions have already stirred up aggressive responses.

Time will tell. The next HIT to this astrological tension zone comes from July 3-17, 2015. I hope THIS agreement proves strong enough to see no dangerous perturbations (or reactions) at that time.


“The agreement’s dependence on decisions by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the penchant of Israeli intelligence for discovering new evidence of illicit Iranian activities will encourage moves to delay or obstruct relief of sanctions.”

You forgot to put the quotes around “discovering”.

“… and the penchant of Israeli intelligence for “discovering” new evidence of illicit Iranian activities will encourage moves to delay or obstruct relief of sanctions.”


According to the joint statement made by the EU and Iran:

The EU will terminate the implementation of all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions and the US will cease the application of all nuclear-related secondary economic and financial sanctions, simultaneously with the IAEA-verified implementation by Iran of its key nuclear commitments

Dr. Porter stated that Secretary-General Yukiya Amano said that such a process might take several years. And Ray McGovern wrote that it could take ten years. McGovern also seems to feel that Amano has shown his willingness to be at the US’s beck and call.

But more importantly, the US pretense of conducting sincere diplomatic relations with Iran without lifting any of the devastatingly punitive sanctions (with more draconian measures being debated in Congress), just doesn’t hold water.


We’ve seen this before in Iraq. WMD’s were no where to be found, according to UN UNSCON nuclear inspector Scott Ritter, but after the Repukes won the election, bush pretended Ritter’s reports proved there were WMD’s in Iraq. Dickhead Cheney then exploded on Valery Plame since her husband Joe Wilson at State revealed that the Yellowcake claims by the administration were nothing but forgery.

After the Nobel Peace Prince is out of office, this could happen again with Jeb bush or Killery… is what I worry about. The last thing this country needs is another war with secret coffins and bodybags of US troops coming home (not allowed to be photographed or talked about.)


This could happen before our Nobel Peace Prince leaves office. He has presided over the NSA build-up, the signing of NDAA/Indefinite Detention without trial, the Homeland Security attacks on Occupy Wall St., the continuation of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the starting of new wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Africa, Yemen… (Apologies to anyone whose war I’m forgetting!)
We don’t need Jeb or Killary; O’Bomber is going for the record of most wars started in one presidency.
We don’t need the Dumber Evil; the Slicker Evil is going for the gold!
(We need to go for the Green: Jill Stein, Cindy Sheehan, Ramsey Clark, Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden…)