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Iranian Americans Have Rights, Too—No Matter What's Happening Abroad

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/11/iranian-americans-have-rights-too-no-matter-whats-happening-abroad

Xenophobia = stage 4 conservative cancer.


Trump, “his” Generals, and anyone else who was complicit in General Soleimani’s murder, must have a real concern about Iranian revenge.

They should be squirming. Their guilt is their reality.

Look over your shoulder Donald. Most likely, you’ll never see it coming.


I want to extend this logic.

All over the world, citizens and nations have the right to sovereignty, respect, credibility, dignity, and the ability to form and defend alliances in their region and beyond.

These are the rights that the USA casually strips from nations and individuals – while going much further: to assassinate by drone, to illegally occupy by force, to bully and weaken with sanctions, and then to lie across the board because this violence can’t be justified any other way.

The Shiia Crescent has a right to exist, just like Israel.
The US, through invasions and slaughter, hasn’t weakened the will of its “enemies,” quite the contrary.


Hi SkepticTank:
Maybe a bigger part of the problem is that it seem like ICE and border patrol people are often lacking with understanding human rights. Maybe, the wrong people are being hired at the borders . Maybe they should try hiring law students who understand words and laws , instead of the ignorant who only seem to understand power through guns—or who do not understand that citizenship is not just for those of us with white skin—or who do not have an accent. There are definitely some awful people working at borders—and sadly, first impressions of border people can ruin lives! : (

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The author states:

The government cannot, however, question them about their political views, associations with others, and religious beliefs.

I wish that were true. Just exactly what laws must be added, repealed, or modified so that those breaking this obvious right have a genuine fear of being punished? Because it is hard to imagine the law has enough teeth now given the way many (from Trump right on down to the border guard) are acting.

And of course I’d like to go further and implement what @SkepticTank states, but it amazes me we can’t even get our first amendment correctly enforced.

The connections here are so obvious to anyone that looks. But to state it is against the unspoken law, “Speak no ill of Israel.”

As a long time critic, once I learned all of those pennies and nickels I put into those blue and white tins were used for… (remember those? Help plant a tree in Israel it said)

Those trees were being purchased to plant on ethnically cleansed Palestinian towns. Cover the crime with MY change… a 7 year old child tricked into participating in genocide.

I am not going to allow people anywhere to suffer with my aide, whether it be nickels from a child or tax dollars hijacked by warmongers for profit. I may not be able to stop it, but I will not go down in silence.