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Iranian Civil Society to US: Don't Let Your Government Clear Path to War



You have to feel badly for Iranian pro democracy forced these days. I hope they can get the support they need to can the Ayetollah and his cronies enventually.


Appealing to the conscience of any republican is like having a conversation with a brick. Therefore, one significant hurdle to the acceptance of the Iran agreement is that it is being considered by people with the collective intelligence of an inanimate object. The second hurdle is that when it comes to dealing with the Middle East, American Jewish politicians have donated their intelligence and consciences to who the hell knows what. Therefore, when it comes to discussing rational policy in the Middle East with the likes of Chuck Schumer, it is also like talking to a brick. Brick by brick our politicians have built a wall of irrational hate, brick by brick they they cry for war.

The final barrier to any peace with Iran, in my humble opinion, is that Iran has been the neocon and (for profit) MIC target for war since our first invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not mere coincidence that these two countries border Iran on the west and east, and provide avenues for a ground invasion as well as convenient areas for staging air attacks. War with Iran is one area that Obama has finally bucked the neocons, but the war machine, and its irrational echo chamber, continue despite the achievement of the president to secure an agreement.

Hopefully, this next election will provide a wrecking ball that smashes the bricks of Congress to smithereens, and we may possibly avoid war with Iran.


You have to feel badly for American pro democracy forces these days. I hope they can get the support they need to can the Plutocrats/Crony/Mafia Capitalists eventually.


With normalizing of relations and trade, Iran would be a better friend to the US than Israel ever has been. Of course US is dominated by 1% vulture capitalism, global corporate fascism, the MICC war machine, and near total corruption of elected officials by big-money (you know, "free speech") - that dynamic of profits and military domination over civilian society must change as well as our pathetic lap-dog subservience to Israeli extremist warmongering and fearmongering to maintain their illegal colonization of all of Palestine by working overtime to cloaking the crimes in regional conflict.




"an open letter, which was released Monday and signed by 52 prominent pro-democracy campaigners, professors, film-makers, poets, and former members of parliament. "

Absent as everywhere is the business Mafia:

and the religious Mafia:


This is lovely!

Now, how do we get that radical bipartisan war-mongering brigade in Washington, D. C., led by Chuck Schumer & Menendez of the D wingnuts and McCain & McConnell of the R wingnuts to stop foaming in their overheated AIPAC diseased cranial cavities?

What if democracy breaks out in the US, AND successfully prevents the Democratic Party from again killing it in its infancy?!


Wyden is also undecided and, last i heard, so is Merkley. Disgusting. Wyden lost my vote ages ago. Merkley may be on his way.


I would gladly settle for having our Military Industrial Complex manufacture the equipment needed to harden our electric grid (it is infrastructure that has been badly neglected and is on its last legs already) against as many hazards as possible and to harness renewable energy to replace fossil fuel. I hope keeping them busy and out of mischief making something more constructive than weapons as long as we pay them as well will work. We would also need to buy political feasibility by insisting that when we place this equipment with utilities, they keep only 20% of the generation charge for electricity made with the equipment for maintenance and operation and give 80% to too big to fail fossil fuel firms to console those fossil fuel firms for loss of sales. This is roughly same split as for coal-fired electricity now.