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Iranian Commander Issues Reminder That US Is the World's "Top Criminal with Regard to Missiles"


Iranian Commander Issues Reminder That US Is the World's "Top Criminal with Regard to Missiles"

Julia Conley, staff writer

A top Iranian military commander responded on Tuesday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's demand that Iran end its domestic nuclear energy development, with an angry reminder that the United States has shown itself as the world's most dangerous and violent military and nuclear power.


Well said! Who are we to dictate Iran’s missile range? When we have nuclear weapons to put on top of them and Iran doesn’t have any…and has said for years, it does not want any nuclear weapons.
Iran wants a denuclearized ME, while Israel sit there with 200 undeclared nukes. Such is asymmetric hypocrisy.


And what, pray tell, did pompous ass Pompeo respond with?


Iran has the support of the entire world standing up to the troika of US, Israeli and Saudi terrorists.

Be brave Iran, you are not alone. The US is enemy to science, democracy, humanity and Earth.


America is the top criminal in many things. It is what we do. It is who we are.

What about Truth, Justice and the American Way??? Nope not here…maybe Finland?


Follow the oil…


No doubt true,but unfortunately, the majority of Americans still believe in American exceptionalism. The politically blind and evangelical christian, fascists are in control now. .


Im not sure relying on a commander of the revolutionary guards of a theocratic dictatorship for the moral high ground is really that great of an idea. Same for Saudi Arabia.


Same for Trump.


Probably not, Bligh, but he’s got it here, even though he’s mixed up his bombs and missiles.


Why not? In what way is the U.S. better, or in a higher elevation, morally, than Iran?

I’m waiting.


Why didn’t he just stop at the word “criminal”?


Bombs and missiles probably missed in translation. I’d have liked to see him rattle off the list of countries Murika’s terrorized (starting with his own).


Actually, I would love it if Iranians, Americans or whomever would smack Pompeo in the mouth - and that’s just for starters, and that’s just one guy of many who deserve far worse. It would be delightful though if these pampered, protected, evil MFs who want to start World War III would simply get the crap kicked of them. At this point, I’ve had enough of trying to be sophisticated about it. No one, anywhere, should have the power to place the whole world on the brink of disaster. Bring out the guillotines.


Maybe the majority that the news would have you believe. I personally think more and more people by the day are waking up from their coma that is the American Dream and realizing just how dire things are. The question is, will it be fast enough considering that the fascists you mentioned are in control.


Well, 1. That is a false argument. One can criticize something without having to prove something else is better.

  1. You are apparently supporting the views of a religious theocracy ruled by an unelected “Supreme Leader”. (this guys boss as the revolutionary guards report directly to the Supreme Leader, not the President) But that’s your business.

As for your question, I suppose we could start with the beatings or arrests of women that dont comply with the religious police’s definition of “covered” or the death penalty for gay men.


You have proven that Iran treats women and gay people badly. Agreed.

Again: in what way does the US have the moral high ground? We treat our gay people horrifically. Ditto our black and brown people. If you are a non-Christian, or a Muslim, or have dark skin, you live in fear in the U.S. today. Laws are being passed/rescinded across the country rolling back protections for LGBQT students and citizens. Not that long ago we rounded up and imprisoned hundreds of thousands of American citizens and held them in open-air camps in violation of countless US laws and their Constitutional rights. We don’t even honor our OWN laws, let alone international treaty obligations.

Iran has not invaded another country since 1759. The U.S. has troops illegally in dozens of countries currently, and daily violates sovereign borders with our drones and air force with impunity. We have invaded/bombed/droned/violated/“military-actioned” dozens of nations almost every year of our existence since our country’s founding. We are the only nation in the world to have used nuclear weapons against a civilian population, twice.

I could go on and on and on and on. I won’t, because you should already know all of these things.

The U.S. has NO - ZERO - ZILCH - moral standing. Period. Full stop. We have as much right to lecture Iran on human rights as we do to lecture native Americans on honoring treaties.