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Iranian Execution of Nuclear Scientist Uncovers Sad, Strange Tale of CIA Spy Games


Iranian Execution of Nuclear Scientist Uncovers Sad, Strange Tale of CIA Spy Games

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who claimed to have been tortured and imprisoned by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was executed by the Iranian government for alleged espionage on behalf of the U.S..

State-controlled Iranian media confirmed the death on Sunday. "Shahram Amiri was hanged for revealing the country's top secrets to the enemy (US)," spokesperson Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejeie was quoted as saying by Mizan Online.


Who and why and for what end is some one trying to manufacturing consent.


While I agree with the basic premise of your post, this does illustrate how no Country with the death penalty can really claim for itself a moral high ground.


The only reference to "CIA spy games" comes from Shahram Amiri himself, and is completely unconfirmed. He may have been abducted, but given his free movement and ability to get to the Pakistani Embassy in DC doesn't lend much credibility that he was being held against his will.

A sad story for him, if he defected and then changed his mind and thought he could dupe Iran's hardline military and IRG officials with a made up abduction story. A gamble he may have lost.

Hillary Clinton can be credited with starting the talks, secret at the time, with Iran that eventually culminated in the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal. This deal is talked about by Israeli top military officials and cabinet level members as having removed an existential threat from Israel. These same officials have excoriated Netanyahu for his continued fear mongering, and in three separate incidences during the period between 2010 and 2012 some of these same officials PREVENTED the Netanyahu regime from attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. To think Clinton is a pro-war hawk with regards to Iran and in support of Israel doesn't jive so well with the actual record of her actions and policy initiatives while at State. Those who think to know better might well not have all the information necessary to support that claim. I certainly don't have all the information, but I do know that these facts are true.


Nonsense. Claiming Clinton, using such degrading and ignorant name calling to support your obvious lack of information, set up the conditions for his death is, well, moronic. You said nothing whatsoever to support that accusation. Slanderers seldom need that sort of evidence, and that is what you are, a slanderer commenting, in reality, on your obsessive hatred of Clinton more than offering an even marginally reasonable view of what took place in these events.


There is something rotten in Denmark about this story. " Where Shahram escaped U.S. custody, and had reached Virginia." That part is difficult for me to believe.


One of my many concerns about Clinton is her clear lack of judgment. She should have been prosecuted for her egregious failure to secure classified information. To prevent the public from knowing non-classified information that could be obtained through FOIA requests, Clinton thought she could shield the information by using a non-secure private server. The rest is history, with hacks having obtained not only the information Clinton wished to hide from the public, but classified information as well, some of which may have led to outing Mr. Amiri as a spy. Her failure to secure classified information, even if not intentional, is a crime in this country. That she was given a pass, which in my view was a political not a legal decision, in no way diminishes the fact that she exhibited a criminal lack of judgment in handling classified information, information that became public directly as a result of her lack of judgment. An indictment would have led to Sanders winning the democratic nomination, and TPTB just could not let that happen.

Clinton is damaged goods. That Trump is the reincarnation of Der Fuhrer does not diminish the fact that Clinton does not deserve to be the president of anything. Only 4.5% of the voting public chose Clinton as the democratic candidate. This reflects on the perverse primary system that cements two parties in place as the only viable choices for high public office. Given the perversity of such a system, we now have two candidates whose only virtues are that the public will vote AGAINST one or the other.


Pepe Escobar offers some interesting speculations on Hillary, Iran, and the Three Harpies.



This article raises more questions than it answers.
It's an excellent teaser that could lead to a fullscale exposition of the facts.
So .. where's the beef?


Yes, I do believe you have a very poor grasp on the facts.


You are entitled to your conspiracy theories, but not to your own facts. Comey said there are no prosecutors who would look at the evidence and choose to indict. I can take that judgment as much more substantial and relevant than conspiracy theories that don't have access to the pertinent information. Or put another way, conspiracy theories that rely on speculation and presumption of motives. I can agree she screwed up, but not in a way that resulted in anything approaching disqualifying her bid for president. In the time that expired while Clinton was at State information technology changed substantially, understanding of cyber threats evolved, even the rules that govern what is classified or not changed and evolved. Folks want to believe our systems are well run and efficient. They aren't.


Some of your comments would be much appreciated over at Trump central. You've got the same message. Besides, I'm not on Facebook.


Reading through your comments on this article here not only do you show yourself to have a poor grasp of the relevant facts, but a very poor grasp on reality.


My high school classmate, who was an international exchange student, who I asked,"where are you from,"he said,"Persia." My point is modern day US government, MIC, Israel, etc. have poisoned the name Iranian as axis of evil member. Persia is an acceptable name used since the early Greeks, and it sounds pretty and lovely, and has not been poisoned. Maybe we should use it. Also, Persians are not Arabs. Peace!


On November 4th last year Hillary wrote in the right-wing Jewish daily The Forward that the first person she would invite to her White House would be Netanyahu.
We all know that Netanyahu is a fascist war criminal. The destruction of Gaza coupled with over 1000 deaths proved that.
Hillary was the strongest voice in Obama's administration for imposing punishing sanctions on Iran. The International Criminal Court recognizes general sanctions or collective punishment as war crimes.
Hillary pushed Obama to invade both Syria and Libya. More war crimes.
Ergo Hillary is a warmonger.


I like what you say but I don't like the names you use to refer to HRC. If you stop using those names, people will have to respond to the facts/opinions in your comments.



Information on leaked emails showing that the status of this scientist was openly discussed on that unsecured server. This might well have been used as evidence to convict.


What's wrong with being an Arab?

What's good about being afraid to say you're from "Iran?"

And then you end with "Peace"?!?!?


As an attorney I can read the law, and it is clear that the law does not require intent. Clinton leaked classified information and is subject to the law. Those are FACTS, which you do not acknowledge for whatever your motives are in deciding troll here. And, for your point about Clinton having been ignorant of evolving cyber-technology, HOGWASH. The law at the time is the same as the law is now. The technology for hacking pre-dated Clinton and, having a legal and fiduciary duty to protect classified information, the law clearly states that she is subject to criminal sanction. She was CRIMINALLY negligent in using a private, not-secure email server to pass and receive classified information. I can draw my own conclusions about the motives of someone sworn to uphold the law deciding not to indict a presidential candidate "whose time has come."

In addition you do not acknowledge the FACT that Clinton was chosen as a candidate by a mere 4.5% of the voting public. What a mandate!


My offering my opinion here is no different than yours. So if I am a troll, you are a troll.

Maybe you are a lawyer and have a more delicate sensibility about what Comey said. I'll give you that, if that is the case. Maybe you are really just a Republican supporting the same arguments many Republicans are making, and posing as a progressive. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Republican or not. Petraeus gave away classified information as CIA Director. Wrist slap and a fine, he's making a killing in his current roles.

"He retired from the Army in 2011 to take a job as director of the CIA, only to resign in disgrace a year later when it was revealed that he had leaked classified information to his biographer and one-time lover Paula Broadwell and then lied about it to the FBI. Thanks to a deal with federal prosecutors, Petraeus pled guilty to just a single misdemeanor and served no jail time, allowing him, as the New York Times reported last year, “to focus on his lucrative post-government career as a partner in a private equity firm and a worldwide speaker on national security issues.”"

I'll go with Comey's assessment on Clinton. I am appalled that the torture architects walk free, even teaching students, and continue to serve… Clinton's alleged crimes, which no one sees as worthy of prosecuting except her detractors, simply don't rise to a national security threat.