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Iranian Foreign Minister: Time for Nuclear Weapons States Like US to Disarm


Iranian Foreign Minister: Time for Nuclear Weapons States Like US to Disarm

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the wake of the historic agreement between Iran and world powers, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Friday called on known nuclear weapons states, including the United States and Israel, to walk the walk and begin disarming their own atomic arsenals.


How long till the US is selling them the technology?

Follow the money…


Kumi Naidoo’s article here today “Solarizing the Greek Economy” should be read by all countries contemplating nukes or using fossil as energy sources. Solar would be a boon for Iran’s economy. Because it carries no threat, it negates the reasons for other countries to have nuclear weapons.

Essentially, wars are won or best prevented in countries with equal or superior economic power.

Decentralized solar can go a long way in providing the energy needed for economic independence.


American foreign policy, I will do as I do and you will do as I say.


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Finally someone involved stating the obvious. I doubt that 1 in 5 Merikan’s know that Isunreal has nukes and could be as low as 1 in 10.

I might watch the whole boring News Hour tonight just to see if somehow Javad Zarif’s comments sneak through the corporate fascist sensors and actually inform and enlighten someone on the topic at hand. My bet is it won’t happen, but I do like to bepr proven wrong.


This is a far too rational a proposal from Iran, but warmongers everywhere, especially Israel, will never walk the walk of nuclear disarmament. Israel keeps its options open, nuclear threats & conflagration being one of them via their “Samson Option” - “the whole world hates us anyway so lets destroy everything”.
After almost 70 years of extremist expansionism via racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people/society, and outright terrorism, building (they think) the “Eretz Israel” of their mythology, anything is possible from Israel. A far better future is a nuclear-free world, beginning with Israel!


I find it amazing that Israel, which suffered genocide at the hands of the Nazi, would even consider inflicting genocide on another nation by conducting nuclear warfare. We have lived under the sword of damocles long enough; it’s time to rid the world of these evil weapons.


Israel will be more responsive to disarmament only when Iran renounces its desire to eliminate Israel.


There’s no question that the very existence of nuclear weapons poses a threat to our species, but that’s a problem that can be potentially solved. Of a more insidious nature is global warming. Consider, e.g., these facts:
The carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere passed the 400 ppm level in 2013. The last time the level was that high was 3-5 million years ago, when
–The global mean was 3 to 4 degrees C warmer than today. (Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the global mean has increased by “only” 0.85 C, so this is significantly different from today’s global mean.)
–Sea level was as much as 130 feet higher than it is now.
These fact imply that even if humans would stop pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere TOMORROW (won’t happen, of course), eventually all coastal areas would be flooded, and the temperature would reach a level unlivable for humans. One scientist has stated that if current trends continue, in 100 years the ppm level will be 1000 ppm (!). That possibility implies that our species will be extinct LONG BEFORE 3015. In fact, Arctic climate scientist stated in 2013 that he expects our species to be nearly extinct by 2040!
Can our species be “saved”? That’s the “million dollar question”!


The third sentence from the end should read: "In fact, Arctic climate scientist John B. Davies stated , , , ,


“One step in the right direction,” Zarif urged, “would be to start
negotiations for a weapons elimination treaty, backed by a robust
monitoring and compliance-verification mechanism.”

One can see how Iran has become a threat to those states armed with nuclear weapons.


NOW THAT IS WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT…!!! Now we have some real progress!!!


And where is this supposed desire to “eliminate Israel”? Sources please?

And, at any rate, is the elimination of ANY state - including, and perhaps particularly the United States, a bad thing? A state is not a people. As the Kurds of Rojava today and the Catalonians in the 1930’s before them taught us, killing a state does not entail killing any people. Quite the opposite, killing a state liberates people.


Out lawing nuclear weapons AND NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS…
I hate the fact that most people, especially most Americans … have no clue as to what is really going on… they barely listen to the news… many never READ… and if they do read or listen to any news… it is ALL BULLSHIT… Ya’ know, I was saying for while that there will not even be a 2016 election… something is going to go wrong… I feel that all the candidates that are now “out there” on both sides… dems and repukes… are going to become IRRELAVENT… I have joined the Green Party, but I am not even sure that I believe ANYONE is capable of MANAGING what is going on… we are ALL DELUSIONAL…


Sorry, but as someone who has lives and works around both types of power plants and the mines that feed them, I’ll take a nuclear plant over a filthy coal-burning plant and all the destruction and human lives involved in feeding it, any day.


How ironic that we have to hear this very wise and prudent advice from a country that we so roundly denigrate. President Obama has called for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Let’s join with Iran in ridding the world of this abiding threat.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Israel actions in the middle East speak much louder than any words.