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Iranian President: 'Entire World Will Condemn America' if Trump Kills Nuclear Deal


Iranian President: 'Entire World Will Condemn America' if Trump Kills Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We have achieved benefits that are irreversible. Nobody can roll them back, neither Trump, nor 10 other Trumps."

Hassan Rouhani


" If one seeks war, Trumps decision makes sense." Trita Parsi

True Trita, true!


For once, I am siding with Iran on this.


Minus Israel and Saudi Arabia of course. If these two want war, if the corporate war hawks in the US Congress want war with Iran they can go fight the Iranians themselves.


Israel is pushing this war, Check defend democracy press



Is there no point at which Congress will step up and intercept this Buffoon? In addition to his myopic blundering for the last several months, now he’s pushing for (more) war, on two fronts! Where is the dissent? It needs to get Loud and Intense before the whole world burns…


Interesting. When I was watching intently the Iranian side of their arguments for and against the agreement,(a few years back) their Supreme Leader said there were no guarantees for future presidents breaking the deal and the US constantly broke deals with other governments. This agreement was probably the best thing Obama and Kerry did and Trump and the Israeli assholes want to break it. The neocons are doing their damnedest to destroy this country by waging multiple wars and Trump is the lackey easily manipulated to do their evil bidding. Enough!! The US is already the scorn of many other countries which will then lose all standing as the biggest deal breakers ever and no one will ever trust them again. Just ask Native Americans, et al, about the “deals”, past and present for a refresher.


Israel is the biggest threat to this cowed government, they seem to bow to every command and Trump is kissing their asses big time.


Much of the World sees the Truth…that imperialist amerika is the #1 terrorist nation, and the greatest threat to World Peace and stability! As this Truth comes out hopefully it will hasten the collapse of the amerikan empire!


Thanks for the link.


What does Trump thinks if he goes to war with Iran and wins he can keep their oil? He is a simpleminded fool. Gas prices dropped, a lot, after the deal. Does anyone wants to pay more for gas?


The Iranian President is correct. If Trump does Not honor this treaty why should North Korea have any interest beyond making it dangerous to mess with them? Why would anyone?


We don’t need their stinkin oil.


That’s not the point. The OILIGARCHS want it. All about control.


Ain’t trump great - nothing is different except trump is refreshingly honest about Americas true intentions.


No. This is not about oil. This is about Israeli desire to destroy any mideast country they “perceive” as a threat, using American money and lives to achieve regional hegemony. Anybody who has been paying attention in the last couple decades knows this!


Its time for the world to boycott the US!


The U.S. is the biggest argument against nuclear disarmament.


The Moron in the White House is making the GOP Morons in Congress look almost sane.


US/CIA/MIC has been after Iran a long, long time — OIL.

Which simply means they want the natural resources first and then the land.