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Iranian President Rips 'Delusional' Trump for Sabotaging Nuclear Deal


Iranian President Rips 'Delusional' Trump for Sabotaging Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

European leaders also slammed U.S. president's move to decertify the nuclear accord, which they said has been extremely successful


Soon many “leftists”, including Pilger and his fans, will rush to Trump’s defense on this saying that Clinton would have already bombed Iran.


The US under Trump is more roguish than ever.


There is a small silver lining in this. It has been overdue, but this action along with the others of this vile POTUS will hopefully, finally, get the world to come together and relegate the USA, along with its medieval theocratic allies Saudi Arabia and Israel to diplomatically and economically isolated rogue-state status.

May the boycotts, divestitures and sanctions of the USA begin.

There will be some hard times for all of us, but the outcome will be a future people’s democratic republic that will be worthy of joining the civilized world someday. I probably won’t live long enough to see it - but I will work as long as I can to see it come to fruition.


I don’t want that to happen and I’m not sure that would change the ugly situation evolving on the right. It might make things worse.


Honestly I don’t think Yunzer wants that bad outcome either, yet points to a very likely outcome at the pace this fascist is moving, and the direction he is moving to outdo all of his predecessors in regard to projecting the bloody forces of Empire.

There will eventually be a concerted response to this insanity.


Amen. It is long past time for the world to impose BDS on the USA. The USA has been imposing itself on the world for far too long.


If there is a silver lining it may be that Washington’s vassals, Germany and France start to think of their own interests and get out from under the boot heel of the Empire.



This is going to sound naive:

How if Iran were to re-recognize the state of Israel, since it is now riding on the wings of a United Nations deal ?

Iran is now a theocracy, i.e., delusional - I think the USA is not far from same. Israel, just now - hard to say - similar to the US I would guess, large blocks secular, large blocks not. Delusional is an apt description for civilization, I am thinking - part of its definition - perhaps as unsustainable as our reliance these past seventy years on MAD.

But a thermonuclear weapon is non-discriminatory - to theocrats, rationalists, everyone and everything - just physics.

The US is pulling out of the United Nations, piecemeal, even from UNESCO - not a party to the International Criminal Court - just now breaking faith with the UN Security Council deal with Iran.

And so we march to our masters - and to war - possibly extinction.

Hard to believe ?

Believe it !


Surely, the stellar watch-dog US corporate media will widely and prominently report that British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron jointly published a letter criticizing Trump’s unhinged speech about Iran… while Saudi Arabia and Israel effusively supported Trump’s deluded ravings…


At the time he was elected I thought maybe some good things might come out of this. We had become involved in more wars under Obama rather than less… so maybe. But for Trump to decide Obamacare should be abandoned, for environmental resolutions to be ignored and now this… Humanity will not proceed successfully on this planet without the majority being in unity. This takes compromise. Anyone who is worthy of being called, “a leader” would do well to bear this in mind. With kind regards, ~Garry


Agreed. It makes the “peace candidate” nonsense I read here in 2016 seem that much more nonsensical.


The Republicans have destroyed the ACA without offering any alternative. They have decided to unilaterally pull the U.S. out of the Iranian nuclear deal which only means that they no longer have any right to expect a seat at the table. Trump just gave a rousing keynote speech to a major hate group, after showing complete distain for American citizens in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Anyone who does not want to be associated with these dangerous sociopaths needs to STEP AWAY. Leave them alone, standing in the destruction which they wrought for all the world to see. Do not engage in any way, leave them twisting in the wind, hanging from their own petards. They now OWN Afghanistan, Health Care, North Korea, Iran and the national policy of minority and class suppression and a soon to be spiraling deficit. Do not offer to help bail them out of this predicament. Put a frame around the whole disgusting scene and make it this years Christmas card to the world. Refuse to piss on them even as they catch fire.


Russia is laughing with Joy!!


This is a slow motion nation wreck. Day after day trump does something that’s erode trust and civility. At some point we run out of days.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani you are so right and Israel and Saudi Arabia can crawl back into their black holes and get sucked out of the universe.


I hope Rouhani was simply being tactful in suggesting that :poop:Dump read some history. I hope he knows DotardDump is an illiterate sicko. I REALLY hope he comprehends that Dump was not elected by the majority of the COUNTRY, does NOT represent us, and that at present, we the sane don’t have the power or means to get rid of him. I hope he realizes that there’s a powerful cabal associated with Dump, which is pulling strings and making Emperor Dump think his tiny digits truly are covered, like by ermine…


He and his cabal are the gift that never stops giving. You’re absolutely right. Every damn day is another nightmare. We need a national hero…


“We need a national hero…” This is just what I was thinking a few hours ago. If there was ever a time for a true and brilliant Statesman to emerge from obscurity, surely that time is now.


Trump is doing pretty much what Clinton said she would do.