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Iranian President: Saudis Would Not Have Carried Out Khashoggi Murder Without 'Protection of America'

Iranian President: Saudis Would Not Have Carried Out Khashoggi Murder Without 'Protection of America'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration refuses to punish Saudi Arabia with anything more than a meaningless slap on the wrist following the kingdom's murder of Washington Post journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared on Wednesday that the Saudi killing of Khashoggi—as well as the oil monarchy's


"If there was no American protection, would the people of Yemen still have faced the same brutal bombing?" the Iranian president asked. I think we all know that the answer is a resounding NO.


Excuse me. What were all of those beheadings in the last two decades then?

I posted the following November 17, 2017:

" Things that make you go hmmm…
–Back in May, Trump et al are welcomed to Saudi and they ink a $110 billion arms deal on the first day. Included is a $350 billion commitment to Saudi and other gulf states over the next 10 years
–A week ago son-in-law Kushner, Trump’s Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell return from a mysterious, unannouced (to us) trip to Saudi Arabia. We don’t know who they talked to but the purpose was supposedly to continue to broker peace in the Middle East
–Saturday while Trump urges Saudi Arabia to choose Wall Street for its IPO of giant ARAMCO shares, the Saudi Crown Prince is quickly moving to consolidate power

Meanwhile, Trump takes his entourage to Asia and makes more outrageous comments taking our attention away…again."


–Back in January 2016 when he was Candidate Trump and feuding with FOX(believe it or not), Trump tweeted a pic of billionaire Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal and his sister with Megyn Kelly photoshopped in and claiming Talal was co-owner of Fox…at that time it was meant as an insult. Talal immediately responded the photo was a fake and commented on the two times he bailed Trump out financially and asked if he needed to be bailed out a third time. In the 1990s, he bought Trump’s prized yacht on the cheap from the property developer’s creditors when he was on the cusp of personal bankruptcy. A few years later, one of Trump’s lenders forced him to sell the Plaza Hotel, a New York City landmark also mired in debt, to AlwaleedIn. In Nov 2017 President Trump was visiting the Saudis. About the same time, Talal was detained as the Saudi Crown Prince was moving to consolidate his power. Talal was released January 2018.

–Kashoggi was not just critical of the powers that be in his homeland, to which he always hoped to return. Saudi authorities banned journalist Jamal Khashoggi from writing in newspapers, appearing on TV and attending conferences after Khashoggi’s remarks during a presentation he made at a Washington think-tank on 10 November 2016 in which he was critical of Donald Trump’s ascension to the US presidency.


I think that MBS doesn’t worry about what anyone thinks. He looks at Netanyahu and sees that nothing he does ever hurts his relationship with America, so why should he, a prince, even worry. And as to murders, Netanyahu kills Palestinians constantly, and even the death of American , Rachel Corrie, by Israelis made not a ripple-----Trump, MSB ,and Netanyahu—the 21st century version of the 3 stooges-----but murderous stooges at that—and no one is laughing.


Done under the protection of the USA, no? When did the USA quit supporting the Sauds in this?

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This, from the two nations in the world that Money means more to it’s ruling elite than Human Life.



And, dear leftists, Syria’s Assad, with Putin’s help, could not have committed the massive atrocities he has committed without, plenty of arms-length US support too. Although, don’t expect Rouhani to mention that, since Iran supports Assad too.

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Good point.

Trump seems more concerned with the “cover-up” than the murder itself. I think he was hoping they have covered it up better so he and they can hide their crimes.

One thing we do know - they weren’t representing the people of the United States.

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Don’t forget the USS Liberty.

What atrocities would that be?

HI dogpaddle, yes I have read about that. I cannot fathom why America had no response as the ship was clearly American and omg, the Israelis were shooting Americans trying to escape in life rafts. It was ignored, totally ignored and why did LBJ respond that way----actually he responded on NO way----------after learning this , why would anyone ever volunteer for any part of the military?
Oh wait—and Pat Tillman—that’s awful too. I also read about a man name Hugh Thompson in Vietnam--------and Omg again, The military supported Calley and tried to bury Thompson. Truth telling appears to be even more dangerous with the military—as it seems with Mr Hastings. and his mysterious death. If Hamlet were alive would he be able to say, "Speak the speech, I pray thee, trippingly on the tongue… before the military offed him? : (

There is a lot of information supporting the idea that My Lai was part of Operation Phoenix and that it was just one of many massacres…just the only one to be made public in the US.


HI dog paddle… Operation Phoenix?---- You just gave me more to read up on. : )

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HI dogpaddle… part 2. I just read the article which spoke of -------My Lai… apparently that was not an isolated event —but a repeating of things everywhere. The amount of bombs and napalm…omg----America in Vietnam was much worse than just My Lai, wasn’t it. Dead villagers referred t as the VC, so It really was one huge and heartless MY LIE by America’s military. I guess nothing changes though—now everyone killed in the ME is an insurgent.

WW II ended in August of 1945. The first US intelligence operative in Vietnam was killed in September of 1945. The Viet Minh killed him thinking he was French. The US was there supporting the French way before 1954 and Dien Bien Phu. The irony is that he was returning to the US to tell the US not to get involved.

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