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Iranian Supreme Leader Thanks Trump for Exposing 'Real Face' of America


Iranian Supreme Leader Thanks Trump for Exposing 'Real Face' of America

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Days after President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his nation is grateful to the new leader for revealing "the real face of the United States."


It's not often I find myself in complete agreement with a ruling mullah, but hey, this one works.


Iran's mullah class cheered Cheeto Mussolini's ascension, as it came just in time to distract an impoverished population for whom past 'America is Satan' exhortations was something out of a history course. That Dump is following the failed neocon script is icing on the cake.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:
" His nation is grateful to the new leader for revealing the real face of the United States."

Yes, from my perspective, one good thing about Trump, is that America has been for the last thirty years; especially in it's foreign policy, a totalitarian, country pretending to be a democracy, ( "we are bringing them freedom and democracy". How many times have we heard this BS canard?) administrated by the two war parties.

At least Trump has exposed the vipers that have been hidden under their covert and surreptitious patriotism rocks for far too long.


Why don't we just call it what it is, United Zionist States Of America.


Well there is an objective person about the US, Ayatollah Ali Khamienei. I think it is best to pretty much ignore the views of this dictator when if comes to statements about the US and just hope somehow the Iranian people who have struggled for democracy can achieve it. They have been victimized by their authoritarian religious government for too long. It is a tragedy that the US installed the Shah as the leader of Iran and a backlash that resulted in a horrible theocracy was the result.


that's precisely what the USA has done for decades, overthrowing democratically elected govts. around the world and installing puppets we control. The Donald is the only president since JFK to acknowledge our nefarious deeds.


Of course neither Supreme Leader — Trump nor Khameni —mentions the US role in overthrowing Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953; that would be inconvenient for Khameni to note that Iran had a progressive society long before the 1979 overthrow of the Shah. And obviously Trump has no understanding of US history. When he talks about "killers" in the USA, he is thinking of his mafioso friends.


that's BS. Trump said nothing about the US role in coups, and I doubt he knows anything about the role of the CIA in the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953. The killers Trump refers to are his friends in the mafia.


Recall that Eisehower's first action upon moving into the White House in 1953 was approving the CIA overthrowing Mosaddegh, the democratically elected leader of Iran, while predecessor Truman's final action as POTUS was telling the CIA where to shove that request. This was the first in a series of foreign governments to be overthrown by the CIA during GOP administrations.

To borrow lyrics from fascist Hank Williams Jr., Trump is "just carrying on an old family tradition".


Sadly, it always comes down to this same farce -- countries are only seen in light of what their LEADERS say and do. In most cases it's a small group of powerful people who put these leaders in power (obvious in authoritarian countries, not as obvious in democratic countries but the manipulation is still in play.) Trump is no where near a valid representative of the beliefs and actions of MOST Americans, and the Iranian Leaders are probably just as unrepresentative of MOST of their people. So you have these powerful leaders proposing laws and waging war and the rest of us are just collateral damage. I know I'm not saying anything new. And not all leaders are "bad." But this system is not working for most of the people who live on this planet. Is there another way...?


I think "we the people" have some of the tools with technology and social media. Perhaps we need to be our own country's diplomats and communicate with the regular citizens of other countries (especially those that might seem "scary" to us.) That's where social media can make a big impact, I hope. We just need to reach out more, start the dialogue, and continue the dialogue.


I'm missing another face more and more every day (though not so much the skinny limbs we've just seen).


So, which of his two faces is the one you're missing?


Singforpeace, I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I am so tired of being lumped in a category by some blowhard egomaniac regarding what I think and feel about issues.

Regular folk in most countries get that that is the way things work. That the populace is typically not in tandem with their leadership.

We desperately need a new model of leadership on this globe. My choice would be one that comes from an internal source that has a sense of the interconnectedness of life. Radical thought I know.


Once again, based on the comments so far, the US left continues it inability to keep two ideas in its mind at once:

  1. Trump is a fascist global danger and his bellicose statements and false accusations directed at Iran must stop now.

  2. Khameni is a medieval theocrat and an enemy of democracy and progressive thinking people everywhere - notably the international Marxist left.

By the way here some new stuff on the US left's other dictator-thug hero, Assad - I wonder when Common dreams is going to publish anything on this:


The U.S. left?


Unfortunately, the tools of technology and especially social media are far more successful in controlling the minds of the people - please stay away from social media and use traditional e-mail lists - using encryption whenever possible: Please read this shocking article:



"Kosinski is responding to developments with the sharpest weapon available to a researcher: a scientific analysis."

Will scientists soon be deported, since their findings have already been deported?


The American Regime:

Nature’s way is to take away from those that have too much and give to those that have too little. Man’s way, on the contrary, is to take away from those who have too little to give more to those who already have too much.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, circa 500 BC