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Iranians Are Not Our Enemies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/02/iranians-are-not-our-enemies

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Persians have not gone to war for around a couple of centuries. They are quite good at defending themselves, however.
*Most of the problems Iran has is due to such things as BP and the American oil companies deciding that Iranians live on top of “our” oil and sending in the CIA to destroy their freely elected government and put the Shah and his Savak in place, so the Shah would guarantee “us” our oil. Finally, the Shah was overthrown by the Ayatollah and the US and Britain have been working tirelessly to destroy Iran with the help of its criminal allies, Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE, not to mention NATO.
*As a side note, I was disgusted by the Iranian Nuclear “Deal”. I told many people at the time that trouble was coming. I said at the time that there should have been an Iran Nuclear Treaty. Instead, it was pushed as the Iran Nuclear Deal. I reminded people that treaties become the law of the land. Deals, especially in the criminal Fourth Reich, are just made to be broken, and as we have seen, that has come to pass. We the People should take our criminal government to task, remove it from power and instead install a government of the people, by the people and for the people, as we once had.
*Then, we should come home, mend our own fences and leave other countries alone to solve their own problems. We should be helping rebuild the nations we have savaged. We should be rebuilding our own country and ending the horrors this century seems to laid upon us and the rest of the world through GREED!
*The refugee/immigrant “problem” is intense, but we could end its expansion with a simple solution. Stop blowing them and their countries up and stealing their wealth!
*The UN was formed for a wonderful idea. That the world should live in peace, solve problems at the table, not the killing fields, give humanitarian aide to nations in distress.
8Unfortunately, the BIG FIVE, the “winners” of WW-II decided they were not going to be told what to do by a couple of hundred pipsqueak nations, so they wrote in the Security Council, where each of the five had veto power, and that essentially ended the dream. To accomplish anything, the UN had to bargain and try to conciliate the Five and avoid vetos. The greedy Oligarchy used that to take over countries and natural resources for their own gain, and look at where we all are now. There are over six billion of us, mostly hungry and sick, being used as cannon fodder versus three or four billionaire$ that own over half the world and want the rest of it, NOW, or they will destroy it. No sharing.
*You figure out the rest of it.


“Iranians Are Not Our Enemies”
Very true, but we have earned the right to be their enemies, and yet most don’t hate the American people.
minitrue hits the mark pretty well above, as to why. The Savak was pure CIA trained evil, the likes of which, US citizens have never dealt with before, but might in the future unless we right the ship, or the climate gets us first.