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Iran's Foreign Minister Rips Trump as Congress Faces Call to "Defend Diplomacy"


Iran's Foreign Minister Rips Trump as Congress Faces Call to "Defend Diplomacy"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump's decertification of the nuclear deal widened the mistrust "between the global community and the United States," said Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif


Great. Thanks Ms Germanos. Linked to the full statement:

“They may come back with something that’s very satisfactory to me, and if they don’t, within a very short period of time, I’ll terminate the deal.”

Yes, the gorbellied, hasty-witted, foot-licking of Generals, maggot-pie-minded, fustilarian—that dog-hearted, miscreant narcissist, that pumpion-headed reality show TV prez plays the bully once more: which is the sole business tactic he can ever use to “negotiate,” but bullying is not negotiating whatsoever, it is the complete opposite.


Iran already tried this but now there is a growing consensus this is about money.


"Currently, in addition to founding members China and Russia, the SCO full members include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and most recently India and Pakistan. This is a population of well over 3 billion people, some 42% of the entire world population, coming together in a coherent, planned, peaceful economic and political cooperation.

If we add to the SCO member countries the official Observer States—Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia, states with expressed wish to formally join as full members, a glance at the world map will show the impressive potentials of the emerging SCO. Turkey is a formal Dialogue Partner exploring possible SCO membership application, as are Sri Lanka, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Nepal. This, simply said, is enormous"


So war it is. Way to these idiots want war so bad? Is it to prop up a failing economy? Is it perhaps to bolster a president that’s clueless? This man is so incompetent that it boggles the mind yet he staggers around acting as if he’s in the know which should be apparent to anyone paying attention is a complete ruse.Time to rid us once and for all to rid of this menace.


I think justbreathe, fern and Olhippy have valid points.

But I am drawn more to the two articles on this day which accompany this article by Common Dreams’ Andrea Germanos.

Those two articles are the ones by Robert Freeman, and the one by Eric Margolis.

Nation States are always required to protect their turf, or make alliances with more powerful countries to ensure their safety.

Right now Russia, and perhaps especially China, appear to be challenging US world hegemony. Naturally, the US is aware of this, as evidenced in the recent Pentagon Paper which explicitly announced this fact of life today.

At a more detailed level, Iran is in the news, as is Israel - but the power play is not between these two countries, not really, nor between any number of other countries in conflict. It is apparently another Cold War for global prominence, power and privilege, and it is taking place on a planet which is now too small, and getting smaller every day, with ecosystem collapse a growing threat, in fact an inevitable outcome unless we change our ways - ways embedded it seems in our cultures for at least five thousand years - the era of civilizations.

I was re-reading some of Gorbachev’s thoughts in the 2016 English translation of his book “The New Russia”, and I was once again struck by the similarity between what happened to him and the former Soviet Union and what is now happening here and now.

These major forces which were and are at work have tremendous inertia, and even a Gorbachev was powerless to effect his desired change - at least in the way he wanted change to occur.

Robert Freeman’s article outlines a plausible history of the Columbian Age, with Great Britain and the USA playing prominent roles, along with the plethora of other empires and would be hegemons. Eric Margolis sees war coming.

It makes for a sobering and depressing narrative, if true.

And it appears to be true - at least true enough.

Gorbachev’s final thoughts were that the people should have been given more say - does that not ring a bell here too ?

We are on a runaway train, it seems, and madmen are in charge - even if well-intentioned, which, as Freeman pointed out, is the proverbial ‘road to hell’.

This brings us to that great student of civilized history, Arnold Toynbee:

“Crystalization of a new order of civilization into an uncreative minority of powers that be leads to deterioration and ultimate collapse, despite the intervention of creative saviours.” (A Study of History).

We have not seen the creative saviours yet - things haven’t completely collapsed yet.

Interestingly, Gorbachev remains an optimist, despite all that he saw and experienced first hand.

What other options are there, other than despair - which guarantees death.

Gorbachev points out in his book that he, and even Henry Kissinger and others not noted for their bleeding hearts, were adamant that nuclear weapons had to be abolished - the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty ratified.

JFK said it best - ‘we either put an end to war or war will end us’.

On that note - let Iran not only renounce nuclear weapons, but their commercial reactor program as well, which has in reality no other purpose than the potential to make weapons. Let them do this in return for the United States ratifying the Comprenesive Test Ban Treaty, along with Israel and the other members of the nuclear club, including Canada.

Let’s think big - and positive - and demand this of our politicians.


Methinks thou protest way too much, you hypocrite Bibi.


This is ABSOLUTELY about money. Trump’s cronies in the fossil industry stand to lose bigly from this deal and Iran’s continuing participation in the world community. You can always follow the money and get to the real reasons behind international strategic moves, especially when a country is run by a wealthy clique of self-serving monsters.


Good ideas. Not happening. We’re not dealing with rational people, but greed-frenzy and abysmal stupidity.


Yeah, I think you are right about that, so it remains to be seen how this will go. It does make sense out of a lot of dislocations. Thanks.

I would add that China is more than a little devious as well.


Decertifying the Iran deal is putting the US in ‘rogue-state territory’

The latest episode in our daily soap opera, As the Trump de Obamanizes the American government. Foreign nations, especially European nations, are going to start regarding America under the Trump administration as a “rogue nation .” And that will mean America losing respect among nations. Everyone needs to read about the Iran treaty that was decertified. Trump got rid of an active treaty with actual restraints on Iran to nuclear materials and weapons not be developed by terrorist groups. Eliminating that treaty now means we have NO safeguards at all. And that is the new Trump policy.


Well - forecasting the future has always been fraught with danger, from the Delphic oracles to Rome’s augurs.

Perhaps it is better to simply discuss options and ideas ?

No country is monolithic - not the USA - nor Russia, China - or in this case - IRAN.

There are religious fundamentalists in each state - but not so many methinks. I have met people from Iran - they are as normal as you and I.

Self-interest is, obviously I would think - in everyone’s self-interest, i.e., a universal attribute, except perhaps in the truly insane.

But some self-interest is not so obvious, and needs to be brought out into the open, on a forum like this for example.

Take commercial nuclear reactors, of which Canada has a few, and the USA many, ca 120.

If their only real purpose is to enable the manufacture of nuclear weapons, or to research same, and this is disguised as ‘electricity too cheap to meter’ - then this needs the light of day - nay - a searchlight focused on it.

I have read ElBaradei’s book - El Baradei, Mohamed. “The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times.”.

He is by the way the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and a Muslim.

Nuclear war, even a limited exchange, has been shown to be in no one’s interest. That’s a key point, amidst all the bluster and spin and political posturing and brinksmanship.

Let’s look at Iran, Persia - with a history which antedates not only the United States, but many European countries.

Technically today a theocracy - but realistically, as I alluded to before - it is non-monolithic, with many points of view. Islam & Christianity are both moral religions - both are expansionist in outlook and practice.

The United States is technically not a theocracy, at least not yet - but how much difference really do you see ?

I think we are dealing with rational people, but all people, including rational ones, are human and can be pushed over tipping points, when feelings take over.

It is in everyone’s interest to step back from the brink.

Corporations may benefit from war, but despite their legal status as ‘persons’, they are not - they are institutions devoid entirely of any human characteristics, existing only at the whim of their creators - paper tigers.

And they emphatically do not exist to further the public interest.

We call ourselves a democracy - i.e., where the people rule.

Do you believe that ?

But it may be true - and the people asleep, or so badly damaged that repairs are in order before they can assume the responsibilities which are part and parcel of making decisions with wide ranging consequences.

To that end, I think we should spend time saying what we think should be done, rather than criticizing the civil oligarchy which now runs the place.

When our ideas gel - and seem capable of replacing the old order - well - they will take hold - but not until then.

That’s why OCCUPY fizzled - yet it still is remembered for a good try - and especially for shining that spotlight on inequality - on injustice - especially injustice - another universal which all human beings instantly recognize as repugnant.

Tehran can say what they like - and the USA the same - but nuclear proliferation is in no one’s interest - and if this is true - then the truth will eventually see the light of day, despite the spin doctors and the political class now owned by the inhuman corporate institutions of our own making.

With a stroke of the pen we can do away with them - perhaps it is time ?


If Trump takes us into war with Iran and/or North Korea, I think he believes he cannot be impeached or otherwise ousted from office. No other president has been, not even Richard Nixon or George W Bush. We need to get rid of him before it’s too late, and no matter how.


“there’s not much courtesy left in the way the United States treats the rest of the world.”

Left? Is he referring to the courtesy we bestowed upon Iraq, Libya, Syria,Yemen, Afghanistan, etc…?