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Iran's Highest Leader Derides GOP Letter as 'Collapse of Political Ethics'


Iran's Highest Leader Derides GOP Letter as 'Collapse of Political Ethics'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Iran's highest leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday sharply rebuked an open letter released by GOP senators last week, charging that the missive demonstrates "the collapse of political ethics in the United States."


This letter is brought to you by the senators bought and paid for by the war profiteers and sociopaths who run the war industries.


“Governments are bound to their commitments by international laws and would not violate their obligations with a change of government,” he said. “[The Republican senators] said they want to teach us their own laws but we don’t need their lessons, our officials know how to make agreements binding if there’s a deal.”

Surely, Ayatollah Khanenei must know that the USA totally disregards international law and has always totally disregarded international law. That is why his predecessor and the founder of the Islamic Republic always called it “The Great Satan”.

“The negotiating team that President [Rouhani] has chosen for the talks are good, trustworthy and act based on the interests of the country,” Khamenei added. “But I’m worried because the other side is cunning, deceitful and back-stabbing.”

Like… Duh!!! Great global Satans such as the USA are like that!


Ah, the Grand Old Pharty!! As a body, it doesn’t seem to know one end of itself from the other.

The first word that shot through my mind when news of this letter hit the media was “treason”. I don’t know if the act of writing and sending that letter actually rises to that level, but it surely is a nail in the GOP coffin. Intelligence, respect - these are no longer hallmarks of a party that once did exhibit some consideration for peoples beyond their own membership. What these 47 senators did was way beyond stupid and reckless.

The GOP cannot even qualify as an excuse for itself anymore.


Perfectly stated…


More like 1607, with a previous abortive effort in 1587. 1619 was banner year for ethics in general too…


They’ll get away with it and worse, unless they pay a political price. When is the Israeli election? IF Nutstoyu doesn’t do well, they’ll probably lose some of their bluster.


And after reading some fascinating stuff about the events 1607 for my answer to another post below. I found that poor Ayatollah Khamenei is sounding an awful like the Weroance (vice-chief) Wowinchapuncke of the Paspahegh branch of the Powahatan, in what is now eastern Virginia.

Wowinchapuncke, wanting only to trade for valuable metal goods from these strange English arriving on huge winged canoes, bent over backward, with Paramount Chief Powahatan’s help, to provide the scary gun and steel bodice-and-helmet armed, but otherwise pathetic and starving English sea-pirate colonists with food - averting their complete starvation through the winter of 1609 to 1610. For his efforts Wowinchapuncke’s wife and children were kidnapped by the English thugs, thrown into the James river, where they “shott out theire Braynes in the water”.

The Paspahegh people were extinct only a few years later from genocide and disease, and “vanished from the pages of history”. But the late Ayatollah Khomeini predicted that one day the same thing will peacefully happen to the threat to their west.

It is from these sea-pirate thugs that what we call the USA arose. One would think that the poeple of an ancient land on the silk road at the crossroads of Eurasian civilization would understand this. Don’t trust the USAns and especially their nasty vile Zionist colonists who have not muskets and steel bodices, codpieces and helmets, but atomic bombs.


“Ah, the Grand Old Pharty!! As a body, it doesn’t seem to know one end of itself from the other…”

And that my friend is because the GOP is just all ASS


charging that the missive demonstrates “the collapse of political ethics in the United States.” no shit Sherlock , cant loose something you aint never had …


I suspect Khamenei was out of the loop back in 1979 and 1981 when Iranians conspired with Reagan’s operatives to block Jimmy Carter’s “October Surprise” in order to sabotage Carter’s re-election chances. I am also sure Khamenei was not part of the Iran-Contra deal. But that shameful episode in political intrigue should give him an idea how the GOP really “works.”
Be well.


How much credibility can the U.S. have today.
Bush , Cheney , Rumsfeld , Rove and Rice shredded the
agreement the U.S.A. made about not using torture and other
War Crimes.
Bush and company got away with their lies , deceit and propaganda
about WMD and other BS to wage war on Iraq and other nations which
all they have to do is call them terrorist…
Hell , Obama and democrats NOT only did not prosecute them for
their war crimes they threaten other nation… if they…
would try to prosecute them for their war crimes.