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Iran's Top Diplomat Warns Trump Plotting to 'Fabricate Pretext for War' as US Flies B-52s Over Persian Gulf

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/irans-top-diplomat-warns-trump-plotting-fabricate-pretext-war-us-flies-b-52s-over


They have a lot of oil and I can see why our powers that be want it… but…

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Here’s to Drumpf having a massive heart attack before he gives that order.

I forgot, he has no heart.


“War with Iran could be Trump’s final punishment on the American people for rejecting him and a massive act of sabotage against Biden for defeating him.”
—Sina Toossi, National Iranian American Council

Sina Toossi sees just how insane Trump is and I hope he is wrong but if Trump could hurt Biden by attacking Iran on some bogus pretext would that surprise anyone?


Methinks FatDonny came across Dr. Strangelove whilst flipping between Fox News and OANN. I can see him as Slim Pickens on his final ride–only the dialogue would be “MAGA 2020” and not “Yee-Haw”.


In the article it states that:

“Our embassy in Baghdad got hit Sunday by several rockets. Three rockets failed to launch,” Trump tweeted last week. “Guess where they were from: IRAN. Now we hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq.”

Here is a thought for the president who claims to be against wars. If he does not want Americans to be attacked in Iraq then why not do the logical thing by removing all U.S. troops, as well as Special Forces, from that country as well as other countries in the Middle East. As one person tweeted in the article one has to wonder what the reaction would be if Iran flew jets over the Gulf of Mexico and said that that act was a “defensive move.” . And according to polls many people around the world believe [and quite correctly] that the United States is the biggest proponent of terrorism in the world today. And Joe Biden will probably prove to be just as much of a warmonger as Trump.


Exactly! Biden would never have been allowed to become POTUS unless like all previous presidents since JFK Joe was a war mongering, quisling for Amerika’s MIC.


Those tough dudes could wipe out millions of useless civilians with nuclear terrorism.


Trump does have a heart…one made of stone.


but…what else is new?
they still can’t understand how all of our oil ended up under the sand in those middle east countries.


We might as well drag up all the other strange attacks. We have a history.

The DoD announced that two tankers were hit by Iranian mines in the Strait of Hormuz. The problem is, crewmen on one of the tankers could see a missile flying into the tanker. The missile hit amidships about 30 feet above the water line. The Pentagon should know the difference between a floating mine and a flying missile.

Soon after that the Saudi government reported that missiles destroyed an oil processing complex. Curiously, nobody was injured. Curiously, the DoD wasn’t watching to see where the missiles were coming from. I suppose that someday the DoD will invent radar and they will use it in a supposed active war zone.

Finally we have the U.S. calling for peace talks with Iran in Baghdad and then they pointedly assassinated all of the diplomats.

There may be more such incidents but this pattern is getting silly.


"“War with Iran,” wrote Toossi, “could be Trump’s final punishment on the American people for rejecting him and a massive act of sabotage against Biden for defeating him.”

Remarkable how similar in thinking fascists are. Hitler wanted to destroy what was left of German infrastructure, when he was hiding in the bunker and finally realized it was hopeless. When Albert Speer told him that Germans would starve if that happened, he replied they deserved it because they (the German people) had “failed” him. Fortunately Speer and a general countermanded his orders.


Death-embracers like DT and the “Secretary of State” are a danger to humanity. We collectively know this, but shrug it off.


Incidents such as this:




Hey! Good on Jake Johnson, for an incisive, well-structured and well-sourced analysis of the next war, same as the forever war: always about global hegemony.

Some folks uniformly attribute depredations of Empire to strictly economic motivations – lusting after oil reserves, for instance. This template fails to account for the centuries-long punishment meted out to the people of Haiti, who have little else besides their own bodies and the ground beneath their feet. Why is the ceaseless immiseration of Haiti important to Empire?

In order to make a point. Haiti is the site of the first outbreak of genuine democracy on Earth, in the form of their great slave rebellion. Their punishment for acting uppity continues to this day. Iran was the first Islamic country to break from Empire’s orbit, in 1951. Ditto.


Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister - is MORE American than I am.
Graduate of colleges: San Francisco and Denver

He is Certainly a better individual than Trump, half his cabinet and any on wall street, banks or lobbyists.

Don’t let Trump ever find the football.



US Aircraft Carrier Nimitz coming home to west coast amid Iran tension.
Was only Aircraft carrier in the immediate area - but we may have a few in the Med, Indian,
south Pacific.

These big targets are dinosaurs.


Well, no one knows why he cut his vacation short, and came back to Washing from Florida, missing his gala New Years party. Sounds like something Pompeo cooked up with Netanyahu


While bankers watched their stocks by night
All on the trading floor
The face of Donald Trump came on
And oil began to soar
And oil began to soar


Haitians are considered un-christian because of their belief in Voudou(Voodoo). Ever since the “great” explorer Christopher Columbus arrived on their shores and plundered and pillaged them they have been suspicious of the white man(for good reason). Smedley Butler famously quoted “War is a racket”. So true.