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Iraq, 15 years On: A Toxic US Legacy

Iraq, 15 years On: A Toxic US Legacy

Belén Fernández

Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded a fantastically bloody war on Iraq as part of its ongoing effort to ensure the Iraqi nation's perpetual misery.

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Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, El Salvador, Honduras, … are all sites of metastasis. The body of the cancer resides in Washington, DC. Can it be extracted with clean margins? Probably not. Paraphrasing Jesus’ acknowledgment about the persistence of poverty, I’ll regretfully state that I believe the the war mongers will always be among us. That doesn’t mean they have to get their way, however.


Remember - this is what ‘centrist’ politics looks like.
Remove the cancer!


Interesting article young lady; one has to wonder what kind of country does that to civilians of another country?

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By the way, the rate of birth defects shoot up in Yemen now as the Saudi Military is using US and British supplied munitions.

Genocide and Ecocide in one package. There a wholesale industry the world over premised on committing War crimes and the people that DESIGN these weapons , along with those that sell them are just as guility as those that use them on other peoples.

That the “Free Market” allows profits to be made off the same helps demonstrate what a cockeyed and cancerous thing it is. It an economic system built around sociopathy.


Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium, the new panacea
The Arms Maker’s choice with a half-life of only 4.5 billion years.
Workers in DU must wear exposure suits and respirators
Just a creative use of atomic leftovers.

Dense, hard, it punches through armor like tissue,
Vaporizes and fragments into dust and tiny chunks.
Dust to be breathed and chunks to be imbedded
As shrapnel or become buried in earth.

Battle tested in Desert Storm and Kosovo,
Now everyone is making them, and selling them,
To armies around the globe, eager for the latest thing.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi desert and Kosovo are laden with tons.

Pay no attention to the sick and the dying.
The Government says it is anything but DU.
Agent Orange was all in the mind, too.
Birth defects and cancer are coincidence in Govspeak.

A hundred or a thousand years from now,
When Hussein and Imperial America are long forgotten,
Or are but spooky tales told around the campfire,
As a new civilization tries to grow.

Peasants, trying to coax food from the ground will stir up clouds of dust.
They, their children and their animals will slowly sicken and die,
And they will know not why.
Just collateral damage from a weapon long ago.

Steve Osborn
19 February 2003
*And still, it goes on…


The bottom line is: Our country essentially destroyed another; one which posed no threat to us at all; one which had a strong middle class and was one of the most stable in the Middle East, in spite of the fact that it had a cruel dictator (not many kind dictators); and our toxic legacy, as outlined in this article, will mean that its people will continue to suffer from now on.

We should all hang our heads in sorrow and shame, at what has been done in Iraq and many other countries in our name, with our money!


Answer: An “Exceptional” country.

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I’m already against the next war crime.


Why would ANYONE stand and salute the flag or national anthem when it represents the ';greatest purveyor of violence in the world". …O sing of Olaf…e.e.cummings

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