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Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Special Ops "Successes"


Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Special Ops "Successes"

Nick Turse

They’re some of the best soldiers in the world: highly trained, well equipped, and experts in weapons, intelligence gathering, and battlefield medicine. They study foreign cultures and learn local languages. They’re smart, skillful, wear some very iconic headgear, and their 12-member teams are “capable of conducting the full spectrum of special operations, from building indigenous security forces to identifying and targeting threats to U.S. national interests.”

They’re also quite successful. At least they think so.


Diplomacy is cheaper than violence, but "War is a Racket."


I'll have to remember to hold my fire, but only this Saturday evening... :grinning:


Our red-coats did Empire better. Sorry, USA.

These expert, culturally aware USAian soldiers, with their knowledge of medicine and languages, could be very useful social workers in genuine aid programmes. What a waste that they should go around making enemies for the USA.


Fascist (i.e. corporate) states have a proven track record of starting and then losing world wars.


Bill Murray weighs in on the topic: