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Iraq All Over Again? And Where Is Katharine Gun

Iraq All Over Again? And Where Is Katharine Gun

Marcia Mitchell

Some called her a traitor; others insisted she was a hero. Whatever, she blew the whistle ultimately revealing the truth behind the build-up to the Iraq War—regime change, disguised as terrifying threats of weapons of mass destruction.

Exaggerating threats to provoke a war? Sound familiar?


Mitchell sez:
“We need a truth-sayer. We need another Katharine Gun. An insider with courage.”

Got 'em. You can find them in various federal penitentiaries, exiled in Russia, awaiting extradition or enjoying closely monitored parole.




And we also need a larger portion of the populace to snap out of their i-gadget induced stupor / zombification in order to use their brains & eyes to look more deeply into what’s going on. Thanks for contributing this one piece to that effort.


Marcia, past tense of lead into war is LED into war.
Otherwise good article, and I hope all readers are calling their congresscreeps to insist on throttling Insane Hawk Bolton and Mike Pompeo and to demand Congress take back their sole authority to declare war…and of course, refuse to declare war.


His name is Julian Assange and we see the lengths the US government is willing to go to make sure their dirty little secrets stay hidden. Also, Bush-Blair were trying to hide the reason for going to war but with Trump it’s right out their for everyone to see…it’s what Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE want.