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Iraq and Afghanistan: The $6 Trillion Bill for America’s Longest War Is Unpaid


Iraq and Afghanistan: The $6 Trillion Bill for America’s Longest War Is Unpaid

Linda Bilmes

On Memorial Day, we pay respects to the fallen from past wars – including the more than one million American soldiers killed in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam.


Who cares? In 40 years time, when the curent generation of vets are getting their annual outing, the debt we incurred to turn them intio ‘million-dollar soldiers’ will have come due and been deferred 10 or twenty times. Hell, they may be the last gerneration of ‘human’ soldiers - as it looks like a ‘race’ of zombies or cyborgs are the warriors of our future. They may be the last warriors the USA can feel good about honoring.


No thought given to the cost of just reparations to the nations ravaged by this endless atrocity


Whatever you do, don’t question…

Oh never mind.


The waste of it all. All the lives lost across the world for a senseless war. All the lives ruined of the survivors. And what have we gotten for any of it. The same danger of terrorism is still there. And the world is closer to chaos. 6 trillion won’t be near the cost of what has been done. not 8, 10, 12, maybe 20 might cover it. The war on terrorism is not going to end anytime soon. Iraq and afghan will not be stable countries for a long time. Syria forget it, yemen, all lost for who knows how long. We will be paying for decades, not just for wounded soldiers. But for a world in chaos.


For over a hunred years we’ve ONLY fought wars to subsidize VERY large corporations that make war toys. If you want to ‘support your troops’, figure out how NOT to support or otherwise pay welfare, or if you prefer ‘subsidize’ corps that could be GONE!! How would you feel if your country was ‘occupied’ by a foreign war machine? These countries were all weak dictatorships that fall when throttled for access to their resources. War on Terror, my ass, this is fleecing the entire world for ‘pyramid sceme’ funds. Fuck their pathetic capitalist fallacy, this is a finite world, which is in complete conflict with a pro growth system. Like, ‘if it ain’t growin’, it’s dyin’’. Really…THAT is absolute crap.