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Iraq is Broke. You Have to Pay for It


Iraq is Broke. You Have to Pay for It.

Peter Van Buren

The next time a candidate or reporter asks during a debate about education or healthcare “But how are you going to pay for that?” I would like the person being questioned to respond “The same way we find money to pay for Iraq.”

So maybe it would just be better for Flint, Michigan to claim it is under attack by ISIS instead of just being poisoned because no one has the money to fix America’s infrastructure.


In an old Peter Sellers film "the mouse that roared" a very small European duchy was bankrupt. They came up with the ingenious idea to declare war on the United States, lose of course, and then receive massive amounts of US aid to balance their nations budget.
Isn't it wonderful when life imitates art?


I guess we could stop fracking for oil which would reduce the oil supply which would raise oil prices and Iraq could meet its payments. And it would also be good for the environment.


Yes, but paying out billions of dollars in military aid around the globe is make us safer, right? Just ask Obama, Hillary, Bush, Cheney and all the rest of the Washington Death squad. They broke Iraq. Let them pay for it.


The purpose of "Iraq" is to sit in the Green Zone, entertain themselves and put money into the players' Swiss bank accounts. This unique definition of a government was going to cost the USA nothing at all as long as oil was $100 per barrel. Now that oil has plummeted and ISIS has taken over 1/4 of the country, this economic system doesn't balance.

We could cashier "Iraq" and, honestly, no one would be the wiser because they don't do anything other than take pictures. However, the tip of a huge nonviolent movement sits just outside the Green Zone. They want a nonviolent overthrow of the Iraqi government. Who is going to move them away? The Iraqi Army? U.S. soldiers?

Perhaps the government could stand on a street corner of Pennsylvania Avenue with a sign. "Homeless, got $1 Trillion?"


We have spent most of the money to destroy Iraq, and we got what we payed for , a destroyed country. Their is no amount of money that can ever fix it. We have rendered most of that country a dead zone with depleted uranium. It can not be cleaned up and it will never go away. People can not continue to live there. Those who do will continue to die from cancer and continue to have children with serious birth defects. The radiation will not stay where it is, it will move into surrounding countries and eventually small amounts of it will find its way around the world. Some of it has already come home to the US with the military that served in the area.


One slight difference, Iraq didn't declare war on America, it sort of woke up one morning and found 5,000 US tanks pouring over its border.


The best laid plans are apt to go awry.

The worst laid plans are always worse than that.

From the time the Rehnquist court threw the election to the forces of oligarchy and reactionary neocon corruption, from those initial two trillion in tax cuts for the rich and corporations that threw our infrastructure to rust and ruin, from the years of borrowing from China (approximately $175 billion a year every year of Bush/Cheny's debacle in Iraq), from the Patriot Act that undid our constitution and turned our unalienable rights into privileges that can be revoked, to a total surveillance society where once we were a free people! to a license to kill by drones without trial, to accepting the failure on the ground where you haven't won a war when you cannot leave (but never admitting the failure by calling it the Endless War), to the economic melt down and start of bank bailouts, ** the policies of the Bush/Cheney republicans and neocons have precipitated ...the actual decline of America..

They plundered their own country and turned the American Eagle in the Goose that laid the golden egg and that story didn't end well for the goose. Obama was dumb enough to go along with these people and they robbed him of a legacy of his having a historic presidency. Instead Obama leaves office as memorable only for the color of his skin.

Sometimes when the due bills mount up they get to be too much to get out from under their weight. The neocons of war and status quo oligarchy of plunder seem to think they can avoid their failures and that magically the USA will just get better somehow. Like somehow all the past due bills will be paid somehow on their own because America can't fail no matter what you do to it right?

I think a lot of people you wouldn't normally expect to vote for a progressive are hoping Bernie wins because they sense that they are truly damaging this country and taking it down ... And they don't trust that people like themselves will be able to do what is necessary to help America.


Perhaps if Americans realized that 9/11 really was a false flag, they wouldn't be so inclined to go along with the Endless War plan.
But maybe not. Too many Americans are on a hate jag, and like it. They think Jesus approves of their beloved Crusade against Muslims.
The inconceivably large and ongoing armed robbery of the U.S. Treasury and of the resources of the Middle East, and the ongoing mass murder of people in Middle Eastern countries, is just "God's plan" to such people; and there is a very large number of people like that, thanks to continuous propaganda in the guise of news.

But you know, the fact that the WTC was blown up by people with long-term access beforehand (i.e. Americans) is so obvious.
The conventional, officially supported "wisdom" about 9/11 truth is that it is "wacko conspiracy nut theory".
But it is the people who believe the bin Laden fairy tale and the impossible fire + gravity explanation who are the crazy ones.
Or if not crazy, stupid,
Or, if not stupid, unwilling to look at the irrefutable facts that prove demolition.

Once upon a time, it was believed that the sun revolved around the Earth. Once upon a time, it was believed that the Earth was flat. Once upon a time, it was thought that whiskey could cure rattlesnake bite.
Someday it will be said that
"Once upon a time, people still believed that 9/11 was a terrorist attack by foreign nationals. Those who disagreed were disdained, although not usually beaten, or put to death. No need, when the vast majority of gullible citizens had gladly swallowed the ridiculous official story. So let the truthers rant! It makes no difference."

But 200 million truthers... that WOULD make a difference.

It's all about education.

And one more thing: "progressive" writers, or political candidates, who continue to ignore or deny the explosive demolliton hypothesis are the very antithesis of progressive.


No, we need tribunals to try all those in the Bush - Cheney Administration who lied the US into that horrific war. Then we go back a little farther in history and hold all our government officials, contractors, etc, legally responsible for all the horrors perpetrated on other countries over the past half century. After doing that there will be legal precedence to go after all those post Bush-Cheney officials and accomplices. Then we start with the banks in the same manner. Do we leave iraq's people blowing in the wind? Hopefully not. Do we leave our own poor blowing in the wind? Our millions who cannot afford health care? Our raidly decaying infrastructure; the citizens of Flint; the environment; climate? Hopefully not.The bottom line is we cannot afford endless war; financially, morally, emotionally! By stopping the wars we just might be able to free up the money for the things we so desparately need to repair and otherwise attend to. Without serious prosecutions, we leave open the precedence some other group(s) of psychopaths will fill thinking they will get away with, too. Face it, the US gov't is the greatest mass murderer in history! Our taxes pay for this destruction. Our souls suffer from these actions. We are all affected; none of us escapes untarnished.


Your description just sent a rush of sorrow over me. Can the American people not grasp the horrors our government has caused to the people of Iraq and so many others around the world?


And there are International laws prohibiting this along with serious consequences for those violating them. Prosecution and enforcement hangs above their heads; forever.


We must do more than hope. We must contribute money, time, words; whatever each of us can contribute. The momentum must continue to build. This is a People's, Political Revolution and it will succeed with a little effort from each of us. Our country, our world is at stake. This could be our last chance for drops to become streams to become rivers to become a life giving force so desparately needed for ourselves and future generations. This 74 year old man, Bernie Sanders, is giving his all for us. He cannot do it by himself!


I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen. But I'd love to see Tony Blair on trial at the Hague.


But, Peter, we were assured that Iraq's oil would pay for the Iraq War! Do you mean to say that Bush II and his cronies were lying to us? Really? Our President and his administration lying to us? I'm shocked, shocked.
Jim Shea


the United States is stepping in with U.S. taxpayer money ...

The country was rich with oil money. So who is taking the oil money now?

... to make sure the country can continue military spending while it seeks international loans.

Loans? The world bank and the IMF? Now they are screwed.


You don't have to guess at Halliburton turning a profit with this. As the article states, the taxpayer $ allows Iraq to continue military spending while seeking to indebt itself with the IMF - tptb wouldn't want to shut the spigot of taxpayer $ into the offshore accts. of the mic, would they?