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Iraq on Syria Strikes: We’ve Seen This Movie and It Doesn’t End Well


Iraq on Syria Strikes: We’ve Seen This Movie and It Doesn’t End Well

Juan Cole

Iraq’s foreign ministry came out strongly against the US, British and French missile strikes on Syria. In a statement issued Saturday, the ministry called the attacks “an extremely dangerous step”that could result in a weakening of regional security.


Absolutely correct! We will be paying for the stupidity of the Bush years for a very long time.
The Middle East may never recover. We created many times more “terrorists” than ever existed before. We traded away our essential Rights for a false sense of “security”; rights that we will likely never recover.

Bush 43 remains the worst President ever, but Trump may yet surpass him!


In accordance with Syrian, Russian and Iranian propaganda, some Iraqi newspapers attempted to cast doubt on the reality of the Douma chem attack or to muddy the waters as to its provenance. They complained that the reports of the use of chemical weapons is coming out of Israeli, Western and Gulf media, and observed, “not again!” The reference is the the 2003 false allegations by the Bush administration that Iraq had chemical weapons stockpiles or “weapons of mass destruction” (a propaganda term), which were the pretext for the US invasion of Iraq.

Say WHAT Mr Cole?

This statement in and of itself is propaganda as there NO evidence provided that the Assad regime used Chemical weapons or that there was such an attack at all. Doubt was also cast by these same groups a year ago when it claimed Assad used chemical weapons and Mattis himself just indicated the uS had no evidence of Chemical weapons used then.

There is no REALITY of a chemical attack launched by the Assad regime until the evidence gathered and facts presented by an impartial thrid party.

The OPCW is on the ground as we speak and so far have found no evidence that a Chemical attack occurred.


Mr. Cole if you have proof that you can offer for all the world to see, then let’s see it. You do explain the Sunni-Shia wrangling in some detail here, but are you suggesting that Israel’s role in Syria is minor, or beneficial to Syrians?

The US invasion of Iraq WAS based on lies, and was illegal, and did destroy most of Iraq, and yet Iraq’s and Iran’s reference to that truth is only their propaganda? All reasonable people, considering what is at stake here which goes well beyond Syria, should want to have some proof of the truth, and that is all reasonable voices are asking for.

It is documented that the US assisted Sadam’s Iraq in gassing both the Iranians and the Kurds. There is no historical basis for believing - without proof - the utterances of the US government.


Chris Hedges and Mark Crispin Miller on propaganda.




Too late on that American credibility thing, Dr Cole. That was shot to hell long ago.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that domestic, situational belief in the National Security state and other PsTB won’t surface depending on which way the wind blows. But internationally, fuggedabowdit–the only country who trusts us (and by ‘trusts’ I mean ‘controls’) is Israel.


What the hell is that guy talking about?! It ended VERY WELL…for the MIC!!!
(Of course, it hasn’t really “ended”, has it?)


The terrorists that destroyed WTC Building 7 have to pay.


“Iraq on Syria Strikes: We’ve Seen This Movie and It Doesn’t End Well”

Good point. Once Iraq was rid of Saddam Hussein, the first thing they did was start a civil war and then turned the whole place into the fundie shithole with their ISIS ideas.

I guess the US never learns. They think everyone is like Germany and Japan. Inject some capital and they become economic powerhouses. The kind of people that live in those countries matter as well.


True! The utterances of the US government have been proven to be so filled with it’s lies that whatever we have been told about it’s reason for wars has to be taken with the utmost skepticism. In other words, the US government’s mendacious excuses for it’s attacks on foreign countries like Syria, and so many others tells me that the US government must be held and assumed guilty until proven innocent!