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Iraq War Anniversary: Remembering Blackwater


Iraq War Anniversary: Remembering Blackwater

Belén Fernández

"My company's history is a proud tale of performance excellence and driven entrepreneurialism."

So writes Erik Prince, the founder and former CEO of history's most notorious private security contracting firm, in his book Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror.


A lot of people focus on profits and the profit motive as the chief explanation for why people do what they do. Clearly, the dark profits soaked in blood were Eric Prince’s specialty. What I find far more troubling than the monetary aspect is his claim to religious fealty. Going back so many centuries, it WAS the Catholic Church that supported the brutality visited upon the Indigenous tribes of North, South, and Central America; it was the “holy” church that invented torture and used it to murder thousands of women (ostracized as witches, they were “The Terrorists” du jour of that earlier epoch) over a 300-year course. It was the church that sanctioned the Holocaust, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the slave trade in Blacks, and a heckuva lot of pedophilia. Indeed, the Vatican had a LOT to do with funding the Nazis exported into America’s fledgling NSA right after WWII.

It’s the marriage of religion and cults of death, murder, torture and overall savagery that is the Great Sin. Many people do kill for profit. Nonetheless, nothing has been a more passionate incentive for killing than convincing people that they let loose in unmistakable carnage for god, or to fulfill god’s will. It is THIS fusion of barbarity and ‘god’ that is part of the Mars rules ethos that has ZERO to do with Jesus Christ or any peace prophet. The misuse of Christ’s name as a catalyst FOR war is the Anti-Christ. It is not one person; rather it’s the ideology that does wrong–on so massive a scale–under the delusional stance that it is carrying out ‘god’s’ will and thus it is righteous and immunizes all advocates against (being held accountable for) all barbaric acts.

The law of karma will require much of Mr. Prince once he “crosses over” and faces what his lust for murder means, and has meant to ‘god’s’ other children.