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Iraq War Architect Wolfowitz Putting His 'Hopes' in Clinton Presidency


Iraq War Architect Wolfowitz Putting His 'Hopes' in Clinton Presidency

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Military industrial complex (MIC) operative Wolfowitz is actually "putting his hopes in" Dubya's fifth term.


That's right, Clinton voters:

The team that brought you George W Bush is now Clinton's team.

You do understand that... right?



Adding to Ralph Nader's recent reading list on CD a poster mentioned Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels publication DEMOCRACY FOR REALISTS that explored research that confirmed that even voters identified as "high information" voters base their candidate selections on identity politics and partisanship, NOT ISSUES.

This means that once a voter decides to vote for a candidate that candidate could be in jail with the intent of working from home" (jail) for 8 years while being endorsed by and in cahoots with every demagogue across the globe, and that voter will not even consider changing their selection.

When Dick Cheney told the world in 2002 that "deficits don't matter to voters", it was tantamount to saying issues don't matter.


Kissinger, Wolfowitz and the rest of the war mongers and war criminals are putting their hopes on a Clinton Presidency, but hope had nothing to do with it, Wolf and the rest of his war criminals knew a long time ago that HRC was pre-selected by the oligarchy for POTUS, despite the Bernie side show.


With the duopoly planting Trump to make sure nothing goes awry.

P,T. Barnum would be green with envy watching election 2016 unseat him as the all time king of the side show !


This says it all. That a sociopath like Wolfowitz thinks Clinton is a decent choice tells us everything we need to know about what a Clinton presidency will be like--it will George W. Bush all over again. Illegal wars, overthrowing democracies, supporting military dictatorships. Why, Hillary has already had practice as Secretary of State! She must be SO proud of standing by while the military ousted an elected president of Honduras who planned to protect the environment. She must be SO thrilled that the Honduras military is now murdering citizen activists. Get those irritating people out of the way permanently so U.S. corporations can come in and rape the environment to death. YEAH! That's progress, Clinton-style.


You know American life is twisted when bloody war criminals walk American streets, and peaceful weed (Pot) heads are doing prison time.


Gee. An endorsement from Paul Wolfowitz. Even as our nation still recovers from the damage done to it from the neo-cons we're going to obsess over an un-solicited endorsement from an absolutely powerless, impotent fool like David Duke instead of an endorsement from members of the Bush administration?


I guess Wolfowitz like so many Republicans has been forced to arrive at the common sense conclusion that only one major party has a qualified nominee running for president so there is really is no real choice but Clinton. He is right that Trump lies all the time. Bernie Sanders maybe was the first to call him a pathological liar. And, fear mongering about Clinton from the left is getting so over the top that it is almost funny. Clinton believes in diplomacy. After all, she was Secretary of State. He helped get a diplomatic solution in the Iran situation. She supports diplomacy to solve the Syria problem. A problem with diplomacy is getting everyone to the table and if some is convinced they are winning militarily there may be no option but to use force to change the dynamics of the situation. In a perfect world everyone would just sit down and work things out but that not how the real world works unfortunately.


Well, what you call fear mongering a few hundred thousand dead Iraqi civilians would have called war mongering on the part of Bush, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Feinstein , Clinton, and all of the other neo cons, whether they attire themselves in sheep's clothing or not. They were murdered. There's no other word for it, nor rationalization.
If Clinton makes it to the White House the perpetrators of the crimes in the middle east will officially be off of the hook, not held accountable.


It isn't exactly news that far right wing neocon war criminals all have their hopes in a Clinton win. Why the hell would they not support one of their own? Especially one with such a infamous record of ignoring US and international law in order to create as much global chaos as possible. There is after all a reason that Clinton is considered the most dangerous presidential candidate in American history.


All of the neo-cons are supporting Hillary.
Hell, 50 heavy hitters from the intelligence community who served both Republican and Democratic administartions gave her their blessing.

Hillary is a warmonger.

She spoke at to the American Legion National Convention today and said that she strongly supported the concept of "American exceptionalism" which we all know is code for making war.
Hillary also said that the military needed lots more of our tax dollars to modernize their weapons systems, especially the nuclear arsenal, and increase manpower.

Hillary is a warmonger who's unfit for duty.


There is nothing funny about opposing a candidate who voted for the Iraq War where a million people died. And there is nothing funny about Hillary supporting the so called "moderate" rebels and stirring up a war in Syria where 250,000 have died and where we have created the greatest refugee crisis since WWII. I don't think people in Iraq, Syria, Lybia and Honduras will find it "funny" that many on the American Left are not voting for Hillary. You may find it funny, you are not living in a war zone!


Yes, the support of Paul Wolfowitz certainly has swayed me. Initially, I thought I would wait for Dick Cheney to endorse her but the endorsements of Henry Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz will just have to do.


But but but....Clinton isn't as bad as Trump for some reason. Clinton has a vagina. Etc, etc


:heart: War? :heart: Hillary!


It really is, isn't it? It's one thing to be forced into tolerating these kinds of war criminals... until they can be gotten rid of. It's another thing entirely to be asked to actually endorse it with my vote. These people have just got to go.
Hillary Clinton. How does a real , classic liberal, as in the open-minded kind, rationalize supporting someone like Hillary?
If I'm stuck with her, fine, but don't ask me to approve of it with a vote.


Yeah, if one did not know better, one would think that Trump was being paid by the corrupt dems. A modern Benedict Arnold in the Republican Party and the best thing that HRC could have ever hoped for in her wildest dreams!


True. 300 million people in the U.S. and we get to choose one of these! Jill has no chance, but vote your conscience and write her in and at least your vote will count for something and you will not have a guilty conscience!