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Iraq War, Based on Lies, Rages On


Iraq War, Based on Lies, Rages On

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

A devastating report on the U.K.’s eager participation in the invasion and occupation of Iraq was released this week, as corpses are still being pulled from the rubble in the aftermath of Baghdad’s largest suicide truck bombing since that ill-fated 2003 invasion began. The document is known as “The Chilcot Report,” after its principal investigator and author, Sir John Chilcot. The inquiry was commissioned in 2009 by Britain’s then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Chilcot released the 6,000-page report Wednesday morning, seven years after the work began.


When Hillary Clinton gets elected, she will bring peace to Iraq and America, rest assured.


Thomas: You think??


Amy, Why not expose the lies of 911, the root cause of endless wars. We all know the bldgs. were imploded . Let's finally get to the truth of 911.


Thomas, you forgot the sarcasm thingie.


The "defense" budget is a trillion-dollar graft factory flooded with cash that could be better spent elsewhere. One example: the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which doesn't work and which no one wants. Pricetag: $400,000,000,000 and counting. Another example: The Osprey, a military plane that kills Marines with dreary regularity because it also doesn't work. Pricetag: $23,000,000,000.

Chop chop, gone gone, and wow, look at that, we have $423,000,000,000 of your tax money on hand to do goofy things like educate people for free so they don't enter the job market saddled with crushing debt. That's just two programs; there are many, many more which deserve to cease existence.


I wonder if Amy Goodman knows that the Twin Towers were blown up.

What I like to call common sense informs me that as intelligent as she is, and with the access and contacts she has, she must know that 9/11 was an inside job- an American job, the "new Pearl Harbor" mentioned in PNAC.
The neocons were good as their word, you could say, about PNAC. Since 9/11/01, the United States of America HAS rebuilt its defenses.

Fifteen years later, and the largest protection racket in U.S. history continues to milk the fear of Americans, whose main mistake is that they believe (and consider it patriotic to do so) the well-dressed, well-spoken, well-compromised people who give the "news" on American television.

So if Amy knows, why not say so?
Was she made an "offer" she "could not refuse"?
Or does she feel that the good she does would, in some measure, be harmed or lessened if she got real about 9/11? Doing so would immediately cause millions of latte' liberals to spit up their Starbucks in horror. Funding might suffer.

But, you know, I have yet to see anything, anywhere, refuting, for example, David Chandler's convincing short video, "North Tower Exploding".

Three minutes, and the truth is there.
But who will take even three minutes?
After all, there's a war on, isn't there? And not only that, it's an election year!
Who has an extra three or four minutes these days, just to to "get a clue"?

I do wish Amy Goodman would explain to her listeners and fans where she is really at re 9/11.

I can't believe she doesn't know.
But denial can be so strong, and can sometimes make a person blind and deaf.


Every time I see a bumper sticker "9/11 We Will Never Forget" I truly hope that sticker holds some truth. But the selective memory of what they will never forget, I believe is at the heart of that sentiment. Every year forward that separates us from that day, is another year Cheney hopes he can die without the truth uncovered. And GW and all the gang. Even one of the many hidden truths. The second part of the 3 Part Zeitgeist videos, is my personal favorite. I recommend it to anyone. It was an eye opener for me and to this day, I hold out hope someone will step up and clear up that very muddy water.