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Iraqi Forces Mobilize for Largest Offensive Yet Against ISIS


Iraqi Forces Mobilize for Largest Offensive Yet Against ISIS

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Iraqi military, backed Shia militias, launched a large-scale offensive on Monday to reclaim Tikrit from Islamic State militants, who overtook the central city last June.

A force of up to 30,000 soldiers and fighters is reportedly attacking Tikrit from different directions, backed by artillery and airstrikes by Iraqi fighter jets.


Talk about Weapons of Mass Distraction!!! It’s as if the entire US “progressive” media has suddenly forgotten there’s a US/NATO backed WAR going on in Ukraine, with potentially far more dire consequences than the endless rubble-rearranging in Iraq.

And not a mention of assassinations and “suicides” designed to incite the Russian “opposition” to insist on Putin’s ouster.

And US/NATO tanks “parading” on Russia’s border in Estonia and last November similarly in Latvia? HELLO, WAKE UP, WW3 CALLING.

So the corporate echo-chamber gets full run of the Ukraine/WW3/Blame Putin “narrative” and the “progressive” media focuses on Iraq, climate change and domestic political grandstanding.

Reporting/analyzing anything but the directly anti-BRICS, US/NATO-led economic and military actions.

For shame.


So is this a continuation of the civil war in Iraq?


Not really ever was a “civil war”, it is the continuation of the US/NATO invasions (yer, plural) of Iraq, and the CIA/covert-ops arming/funding/manipulating of religious and ethnic groups to create various al qaeda-clone factions. ISIS etc. may be getting its weapons/funding via US proxy states, but nothing moves in the Middle East without the US at minimum knowing, and usually directing, it.

But the fact the mainstream AND “progressive” media can find endless column inches for Iraq… again… and everything else ,while the US is sending 300 “advisers” to Ukraine in a month or so.

This shows how far the “progressive” US/NATO media is as controlled by the White House as FAUX news or NYTimes.

That’s why Kerry wants to be given $$$ to “fight” RT and Fort Russ, as well as many independent blogs. Google is already filtering out truly balanced Russian/Ukraine/Chinese/BRICS content wit hit’s “truth” factors. As in, it’s only “true” if the US/NATO gov’ts/media say it is.

Which way be why “progressive” sites like CD are giving Ukraine/Russia alternative narratives a wide berth. The fear of transgressing “permissible dissent” is palpable.


This government and military , No Longer Cares.
Look at the Drone strikes in the middle east which are killing
more civilians than anyone else.
This is how the terrorist are being recruited for ISIS and other
terrorist groups.
The elected officials do not really give a d… about what destruction
they are causing to the U.S. citizens , our nation and anyone else.
This war was started on a lie and has become an ending war.
It has drain the wealth , jobs and programs from the 99 percent ,
While putting wealth and power in the pocket of the .005 percent…
They just have some smart a…es setting at a dress playing
video games with lives of innocent civilians
Just wait till they have these Drone flying all over this nation
by who ever wishes and than lets talk about stopping the
terrorist from using the Drone at their will…