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Iraqi Leaders Condemn Trump's Surprise Visit as 'Flagrant and Clear Violation of Diplomatic Norms'


Iraqi Leaders Condemn Trump's Surprise Visit as 'Flagrant and Clear Violation of Diplomatic Norms'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following U.S.


I guess Iraq needs/needed its own wall to keep the Americans out.


I sympathize with you. It is not much better here in the USA,USA,USA.
Broke a wheel hub on my truck yesterday when I ran into a highway pothole big enough for a bear to hibernate in. Since I was on my way home with a take out pizza, I reported it to a local pizza company and they said they would get right on it.


Those ungrateful Iraqi’s should have been lined up for the president and his invaders. Then ask to be paddled and ask for more pain and shame and embarrassment, as though 15 years of occupation weren’t enough??
I wonder if Trump had the time to visit all one million graves we are responsible for?


Asia & Africa need walls to keep the USA & its allies out. Someone needs to invent something to keep out the drones. Israel built a wall to keep the Palestinians out, the Palestinians need a wall to keep Israel out. Mexico needed a wall before the Mexican War to keep the USA out. Yemen should have a wall to keep the Saudis out.


The mindless zombie chants of USA! USA! USA! are thoughtless and depressing from civilian and even more so from military voices…they shouted “Zeig Heil, mien Fuhrer” in another time and another nationalist racist arrogance, under another malignant manipulative mind. A nationalism that was bred into that time and place by the supremacist propagandists and other insane people. That mindset has now been bred into, and inculcated into, the dim minds of many Americans who have forgotten the past and/or been taught to believe a false narrative - been brainwashed - to ignore and forget history and what was fought against in that time of overt evil…and what so many others fought for then and fight for now against similar evils…


It’s a damn shame the Iraqis didn’t arrest him, incarcerate him, and sell him to Kim as a pet.


Brainwashed Duopoly Zombies Emphyrio.

Only way to change their mind, is to remove the head.




I’m not much into conspiracy theories. But, was he even in Iraq…?
Adolf Hitler had a doppelgaenger, too. Gustav Weler.


Trump criticized his flight as dark; blacked out like the Black Sheep squadron of Viet Nam. The planes are all black, illegal by international standards, no exterior signage. Anyway, what struck me was he is telling the world we have chemically bomb Iraq into rubble to steal her oil and her citizens and their babies will detest us infinitum. Ray Gun armed Saddam from 81 to 88 to kill Iranians who provided us oil and gas during both world wars and all our allies through British Anglo-Iranian Oil. It is betrayal. It is the CIA which is the world bankers. So. Trump said America does such a horrific job with security; 15 years after attacking a nation with no navy, no air force, no aerial defenses, no missile systems who never fired a bullet at us and had shit to do with 9-11; the Great Whitey has to fly into town in the dead of night. It says it all to me. We make things die.
All the rubble is censored. All the rigs are censored, the dead is censored, the mercenaries are censored and the pallets of taxed cash handed out to oil boys, censored.
Troops follow orders and you can’t protest in uniform and you can’t or ruin your career. There is no dissent in the UCMJ. Trump is mentally unravelling before our eyes. Enter Mueller stage left. You couldn’t make this shit up.


If there is one thing we all know is that the US aristocracy doen’t give a shit about what Iraqis think.


Mueller ain’t gonna do shit to people with real power. It’s his job - to cover shit up.


You’re probably right. But he will have to do either soon. Dems take the House Jan 3. Protect Trump or bury him. Mueller will write his history. Every commission or congressional investigation I have ever witnessed in America was rigged. Senator Stennis of Mississippi was literally owned by the Hunts of Houston. Senators are pets on leashes, short ones. You’re probably right about Mueller and the CIA is directing the dance. Theater. It’s also right Trump could be at Mar a Lago hiring illegal Haitians to clean his horses’ stables or groom his golf course. His german granddad was a barber who fled Germany at age 16 to escape his German required service just as his grandson would evade the Viet Nam War with a medical deferment. Our aristocracy doesn’t give a shit what the Iraqis think or anyone else. Dante said the hypocrites toil in their own feces up to their eyes round and round in the Second Gap of the Eight Circles of Hell. Dante was a funny guy. Hell stays open late for aristocracies if you believe in that sort of multi-dimensional, cosmic sorting of souls. It is Mueller time. What will he do?


The Dems aint interested in burying him or they would have actually gone for impeachment, lawsuits etc. when he came in the door. They’re already eating each other up. Wait til he’s gone and then they go after each other hard. If the Duopoly wasn’t so dangerous to all humanity, this would be really funny to watch.


Corporate Dems are responsible for his election. But no resolutions of impeachment could be moved in the House or Senate since University of Fraud was elected. It changes 1-3-19. Mueller has indicted or jailed eleven of Grumpy’s white elves. The Senate has to move the impeachment, not likely but New York State has criminal charges against The Don and his fraudulent foundation and it is not likely to withdraw criminal or civil complaints. Also, Mueller has proven Grumpy misused foundation funds for campaign and personal expenses. Winter will be littered with lawsuits, more desertions from his rank and file. Americans want Trump gone. New York State court system may send him home to Palm Beach. Our duopoly is evil. But every progressive third party historically has been tossed in the wood chipper on Easter morning. Good luck America. peace.


Why did he go? Why did he go? I am just hoping those 15,000 are being slated to go back also. After he gets out of Iraq, along with calming Korea and leaving Syria and Afghanistan, add an exit from some African areas, THEN give the government to a Democrat to clean up the mess at home.
Correction: to a Green Deal Progressive Democrat


In the MSM reports of Trump’s visit to the military base in Iraq, it was reported that the president had visited a “war zone.” Why is Iraq a war zone when we are not at war with the country?


My heart was added because you made me chuckle.


What a day for a Daydream…