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Iraqi People Caught in the Indiscriminate Fire of Terrorists


Iraqi People Caught in the Indiscriminate Fire of Terrorists

Eman Khammas

The situation of Iraqi refugees, both those who have fled to other countries and those internally displaced, is disastrous. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, said that there are 15 million refugees in Iraq and Syria living in unimaginable conditions. Refugees lack the most basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. They are constantly subjected to humiliating treatment by security forces, including bribes and beatings. The situation is the worst for the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, and people with special needs.


Thank you Eman. It is pointless to chide US media for what it reports/doesn’t report. It is all tightly controlled propaganda now. Never since the illegal invasion and occupation has the media shown this real and eternal face of war. I can imagine being an Iraqi who understands English listening on a radio in a refugee camp in Jordan how the US “won” the war and the surge was successful proof of Bush’s leadership. I can not imagine holding the lifeless body of my infant son in my arms.


"You were famously quoted as saying “if you break it, you own it” about the consequences of an American invasion of Iraq. So do we own it? And, as a practical matter, is it possible for the United States to declare at this late date that we don’t take part in other people’s Civil Wars, and to withdraw our troops?

[Colin Powell] The famous expression, if you break it you own it—which is not a Pottery Barn expression, by the way—was a simple statement of the fact that when you take out a regime and you bring down a government, you become the government. On the day that the statue came down and Saddam Hussein’s regime ended, the United States was the occupying power. We might also have been the liberating power, and we were initially seen as liberators. But we were essentially the new government until a government could be put in place. And in the second phase of this conflict, which was beginning after the statue fell, we made serious mistakes in not acting like a government. One, maintaining order. Two, keeping people from destroying their own property. Three, not having in place security forces—either ours or theirs or a combination of the two to keep order. And in the absence of order, chaos ensues."

Colin Powell, one of the lying scum who got us into Iraq.

Bush & Company, and all the Neocons, should be exiled to Iraq.


Again with that propagandistic generic WE that purposely conflates the actions of armed forces with those of the civilian population. This seamless frame is one that suits a military state like Sparta. It is inappropriate–thus far–with our own.

Those who fall into this habit are either in the military now, have “served” in the military (explaining why this WE fixation is so reflexive to them), or PAID to push this type of Talking Point since it is conducive to empire building and/or inverted totalitarian systems, everywhere.


When you’re right you’re right. :slight_smile:


You mean you now understand why I have sought to point out the dangers in this frame (which incidentally, is used by MANY, but then these are times of very thorough intersections between corporate propaganda and military-pro-empire-building propaganda and very LITTLE respect for Truth, alternatives to Official Narratives, or any voices that call out what’s inconvenient to those in power). If so, thank you.


I understand it. The quote you used wasn’t mine but part of what I was quoting - but I did say “got us into Iraq” which is nearly the same. Old (and easy) habits are hard to break.


She’s not right, she’s hilariously wrong, for the thousandth time. She totally misunderstands what you quoted, and smears you.

Why are you pandering to this endless smear campaign?


If she’s “right… right,” then which one are you: “… in the military now, have “served” in the military (explaining why this WE fixation is so reflexive to them), or PAID to push this type of Talking Point”?


She was wrong about the quote but she’s right about the meme.



Well done, the Coalition of the Willing. Now, how about doing something sane to clean up your mess?