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Iraqi PM Condemns 'Dangerous Escalation' as US Kills 25 With Airstrikes and Threatens Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/30/iraqi-pm-condemns-dangerous-escalation-us-kills-25-airstrikes-and-threatens-iran

We have always been at war with Eastasia (especially in an election year)

I just can’t help but anticipate that mankind’s final wars are just around the corner.
“I do not know with what weapons they will fight World War 3, but I do know that they will fight World War 4 with sticks and stones.”


When you see a photo of smug assholes like these accompanying this article, only one thing comes to mind

“Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hated to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds”
War Pigs

A little Black Sabbath for a Monday morning.


The US government is is a neoliberal terrorist organization.


Now here is an impeachable offense, no, the Congress frets about an ambiguous conversation Trump had with the president of Ukraine. It won’t wash, and it only benefits Trump in the long run. Russia gate, Ukraine gate, the gifts that keep on giving.`


Pretty damn fitting BigB. The amerikan imperialist perpetual motion war machine grinds on…


Attacking the people that cleared American armed terrorist from Iraqi and helping in eliminating same from Syria. Yeah , that figures. Without terrorist to use as propaganda bait the narrative of ‘fighting them over there’ falls apart.

Another false flag scam meant for the morons that bought the NYT this morning and parked in front of MSDNC and DNCNN.

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The most historically pertinent observation of 2019 came from Patrick Cockburn – the first to notice that the nature of warfare just underwent a sea-change, comparable to the introduction of air-power, now that forces allied with Iran have quite capable military drones:

The Drone Strikes on the Saudi Oil Facilities Have Changed Global Warfare

The playing-field has been leveled.

Drones used for bombing attacks by USA, Iran or anyone else has a joystick operator looking at a two dimensional screen. They do not have depth perception that the human pilot has at the target area.

The new zealand and ausie pilots always made a pass over the target area of Chinese army soldiers before fritzing them in the korean war. They also came in low and slow. Very risky but the results saved American lives below.

The USA middle east muddle will continue and may not be a USA 2020 campaign issue.

That contractor must have been a VIP. We usually do not care about contractors (mercenaries) lost anywhere.

At least one target was Their ammunition. We did the same storage / distribution on the Turkish border for the Kurds.

It’s funny how a group of boys get pleasure from poking away at intimidating creatures with long sticks; always certain that they can jump out of the way, should the creature lunge at them. That trait, to tease, seems to remain with some men for their entire life.


In 1914 a Serbian nationalist shot the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire’s son. Because of this, of a generation of young men from Britan, from France, from Russia and from Germany, most died.

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We could add Dylan’s “Masters of War.”

Come you masters of war
you who build the big guns
you that build death planes
you that hide behind walls

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After watching the drone races on TV it’s easy to envision hand held drones as mobile personal hand grenade weapons.


From an engineering standpoint, I wouldn’t necessarily call it “easy to envision” – I guess the key question would be the trade-off between explosive power and weight, of which I have no knowledge.

The attack Cockburn discusses makes it quite easy to envision low-profile military drone systems capable of severely damaging the global petroleum infrastructure, because that’s what the attackers succeeded with. We USAmericans, bogged down in solipsistic hubris, imagine that only we are clever enough to design inexpensive lethal hardware. Historically, there have been quite a few very clever Chinese, Russian, and Iranian people.


I just thought if Amazon was serious about package delivery, a light weight explosive should be within the realm.

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The U.S. has become a Zionist, militarist nation with no real future.


I have a quad-copter (I hate the word drone) that cost me about $250 to build and can carry a little over a kilo of anything… I prefer cameras over explosives, but with no modification it could deliver quite a large blast.

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That’s interesting. Given your Guy Fawkes tribute icon, that might also be 'nuff said!

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Yeah, damn Gravatar… I use a more passive image for other email addresses, a photo of me. This one got the mask for a joke (I actually sort of look like this ironically), and it kind of stuck.