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Iraqi President: US Has No Right to Use Iraq as 'Staging Post' for Attack on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/iraqi-president-us-has-no-right-use-iraq-staging-post-attack-iran

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" It is easy to start a war but very difficult to end a war" Barham Salih.

But Mr. Salih, don’t you realize the Amerikan, Fascist, Empire loves endless wars! It is peace and the end to it’s phony wars that the Amerikan, Fascists hate!


The MIC heard that last comment about the difficulty of ending wars…and wept tears of joy.

Damn, the two things the MIC wants least are peace and short wars.


When Orwell said “PEACE IS WAR” in 1948, he was prescient to say the least.


Of course Iraqi President Barham Salih is absolutely correct. The US war-machine is an Israeli tool and the aggressor of numerous conflicts in the ME/NA overthrowing governments, destroying civilian infrastructure, stealing resources and creating what they think is a carte blanch for de facto military bases on occupied territory. All that conflict and aggression, serving openly or clandestinely, the interests and agenda of Israeli racism and illegal expansionism - ie theft of territory and resources by force against all norms of civil society and International Law among other International bodies! Iraq is only one example of the war crimes and arrogance of the US and its client crony.


The US has supported, armed, funded, derailed peace efforts, and been complicit to Israeli crimes against humanity and illegal colonization of territory under occupation since 1967, as spelled-out in the Fourth Geneva Conventions…




It is amazing to me, that over the years, I have very seldom heard an American leader talk with the sense, compassion and clarity of this Iraqi leader.
Usually it’s a bunch of gobbledygook and hot air out of the mouths of higher ups in this country.
I guess that’s what happens when you have something to hide, or are just flat out lying.


With all due respect, Mr. President, please siddown and shaddup. You ain’t running jack.

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Lesson to be learned? When will this euphemism be eradicated from journalism when it comes to reporting on any given US intentional war of choice. It isn’t, nor will it ever be about “lessons”. The Iraq war from the perspective of the architects is a raging success. Footprint right where they wanted it in Afghanistan and Iraq “containing” Iran…and now they have a President crazy enough to launch that war, propaganda aside that he is countering the MIC and those he appointed Pompeo, Bolton, and Haspel.

Perhaps there is a lesson in my post.


No doubt when the US pressures him into launching attacks from Iraq, he will of course capitulate. There is zero doubt. That he minces words in his criticism is both understandable, but also telling that it really isn’t up to him.


And one of the “unique” things about Saddam Hussein not well known, is that he was essentially installed by the CIA. You know that whole Shah of Iran type thing across the border.


So much garbage to sort through. Trump must be thinking, with 800 bases we should be able to attack from anywhere we like. I guess we may not be done breaking stuff.

Yeah, PsyChick, he was a sonofabitch, but he was our SOB (usual attributed to FDR)…until no longer needed or not submissive enough. I seem to remember Saddam spoke with the Bush admn before invading Kuwait and was not told not to - kinda given the green light, then double-crossed by the US.


Watch rump’s grandstanding cause Iran and Iraq to ally together- against the US- in non-violent non-compliance.
That would be… so awesome/funny/worthwhile to see, etc. I’d just love to see all the countries in that region get together and say “fk you rump, we are not going to provide any support for any US military campaigns against Iran.”


If Saddam was our S,O.B we have been plagued with the presidents and VP’s that dealt with him. Our own S.O.B.'s

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Too bad CD doesn’t publish the counter arguments, so prevalent on other Websites, which clearly explain that the US military isn’t that all powerful, unless it is willing to use nukes and be nuked into oblivion, in response.

Insider-Account: How Iran Decided To Down A US Drone & Avert War By Sparing A Spy Plane – Jun 24, 2019 - Elijah Magnier - Al Raj Media via ZeroHedge

“We shall not stand idly by if signatory countries will not find a way out for Iran to regain its trade, energy and commercial position in the international market. If sanctions are not lifted one way or another, we are only at the beginning of the crisis. Much more can be expected. Iran will never accept to be disarmed of its missiles because they are a guarantee for its security and that of the region. Today Iran is much stronger, enjoying the support of the population and harmony between the political and military leadership. We shall not submit and no negotiation with Trump can be expected as long as sanctions are hovering over our heads. The world should expect more surprises in the coming days because Iranians refuse to starve. Therefore, we are no longer afraid of any war, even more significant against a superpower country”.

Eve of Destruction: Iran Strikes Back – Jun 26, 2019- Jim Kavanagh - GreanvillePost

Shutting Down the Gulf Oil Trade: All Iran Needs to Do to Destroy the World Economy – Jun 22, 2019 - Pepe Escobar - RussianInsider

Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the Entire World Economy – Jun 23, 2019 - Federico Pieraccini - StrategicCulture


If the USA attacks Iran, it would be the USA that destroys the world economy.

The Iraqi President undoubtedly fears the real power center in his country: Shiite militias loyal to Iran.

Doing the bidding of the US would not go over well that crowd.

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