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Iraqi Prime Minister Calls on Parliament to End Presence of US Troops 'Immediately'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/05/iraqi-prime-minister-calls-parliament-end-presence-us-troops-immediately


Now can all other countries do the same please.


Seventeen years and I don’t remember seeing any flowers offered as thanks. There were a couple of shoes back in the day, though. Methinks “American Exceptionalism” should be replaced with “American Ignorance and Arrogance”.


Excellent. All Empires have gone the way of the dinosaurs.


I believe some other poster said this a couple of days ago but it bares repeating. It appears that the US has done something that no one else could do in the modern era, unite the people of Iraq and Iran. Of course they are untied in their fear and loathing of US.


Excellent, it is distressing that the main hope to put a clamp on American “exceptionalism”, a good euphemism for ongoing war crimes, is the actions of other countries. As Congress has not shown the guts yet.
Chinese and Russian navies have been doing maneuvers with the Iranian navy; it is now a multi polar world. The Wolfowitz Doctrine will be extinct.


Worth noting: One of the other people assassinated, Abu MaHdi Al-Muhandis, was both a leader of an important Iraqi militia and an elected member of the Iraqi Parliament.

So we assassinated the equivalent of a US member of Congress.

Also worth noting: To hold a vote, the Iraqi Parliament needed a quorum of 165 members to show up. 170 did and they voted unanimously to expel US personnel.


I’m so habitually pessimistic, a little warning light goes off somewhere whenever I hear really good news: Wait a second, there – what’s the other part of the story, which makes this moot? I can’t find the spoiler wrinkle, even though USA will undoubtedly pull out all the stops to reverse this act of Parliament. Empire does not look to be on an upward trajectory at the moment.

The current surge of USA troops is headed for tiny Kuwait, I’ve heard. Saudi Arabia would be a clumsy staging ground, as Mecca is in Saudi Arabia. Israel is obviously awkward in another way. The Turks can be justifiably surly hosts. It’s getting to the point where the Navy will have to board Marines on offshore vessels, if we send many more ground troops.

Once in a blue moon, I allow myself a teensy tad of optimism!


The irony is that Soleimani 's work in Baghdad was to achieve the ouster of Americans. Trump has completed his task and more by further isolating the US from its former allies.


Hello Aleph_Null,
I see Herr Drumpf removing the “IRON FIST” from the VELVET GLOVE! The future isn’t ROSY but extremely UGLY!!!


The “ugly American” will be reviled in so much of the world with this creep in office. This is not good for travelers and those Americans who cherish their foreign connections and see themselves as related to all people. Blind nationalism is always counter productive and very dangerous.


Pootey’s mission for Agent Trump (Code name Caligula) is to destroy everything that was the United States
from the inside out. Seems to be working.

Just a thought, has anyone looked into how much Russian money has flowed to the Evangelicals by way of the NRA and other criminal organizations?


Except in this case it’s the dinosaurs that are running the empire . (-;

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I think this point should also be noted:

If true, it makes what Trump did even more reckless. We have a man-baby running foreign policy.


The fall of every empire is greed…


American / Taliban negotiations off since labor day, 2019. President walked away because one GI was killed in Afghan. This expulsion is for killing an Iran general due to one American contractor killed.

We did kill 200 Russians in Syria and no dust up.

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At this point that is a huge ‘IF True’.


If Trump remains in power war will happen, he will go tit for tat with them, which is what they want. Trump must be removed from power, now.


Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney and W. Bush ought to hang at the Hague like the Nazi war criminals before them.


That made me LOL Shelby.