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Iraqi Prime Minister to Step Down as Human Rights Defenders Condemn Security Forces' Attacks on Anti-Government Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/29/iraqi-prime-minister-step-down-human-rights-defenders-condemn-security-forces

If you want to follow a bloody trail, trace the invasions, coups, regime changes, and flat out imperialist theft perpetrated by the USA.

It’s not like people won’t fight without our sticking our nose everywhere.
But our shit-disturbing does not help – in fact, it just makes things worse and blows back at us.


Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

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Iraq was a peaceful country with all manner of religions/people living together before the “invasion”. Look what has happened since.


Amongst all the uprisings popping up all over the world, Iraq seems to have it’s own dim corner where we’re not supposed to notice it – relegated to the back-back burner of news pages, because we have to know this one is USAmerica’s fault.

Nah, I’m kidding myself. Plenty of oblivious USAmericans will continue to believe these people of nonwhite countries just can’t handle democracy – maybe most USAmericans. Possibly forever.

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Amerika brought Iraq freedom and democracy!


Yes by throwing candy to the hapless Iraqi children from their amoured vehicles.

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Sadam peaceful??
His war with Iran. I had Iran casualties at about 200,000. Since then, Iran has another nearly 2 million deaths due to sanctions which halted medicines, spare parts for hospital equipment and even stopped Iran from transferring money to pay for these. Banks and clearing houses feared being dragged into being put out of business.

Desert Storm: Maybe you forgot or are too young to recollect the Kuwait peoples who really suffered when sadam took over.

Spring 1991, we americanos promised shia that we would support them as rulers of Iraq. The shia raised up and 14,000 were murdered by Sadam/ We drove on up from Kuwait and chased the republican guard back north.

We came back and did just that in 2003. The shia did not treat Kurds any better than sadam had.

ISIS is largely iraq sunni from bagdad.

The population has been on government welfare as long as i can remember.

Peaceful?? Not very much.

Now, let us take a look at our own. Chicago this year, so far has 2538 shot with 429 DEAD. That rate is much higher than Iraq’s one per day over October / November. Peaceful?? Not very much.

common dreams does not have comments nor stories nor opinions that approach the Chicago story - which is ours.

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Yankee go home. Hell, Yankee stay home.