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Iraqi Protesters Storm Parliament


Iraqi Protesters Storm Parliament

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Iraq's political unrest continued on Saturday as hundreds of protesters waving Iraqi flags breached the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad and stormed the parliament.


Liberte Fraternite Egalite!
Makes me think of those guys storming the Bastille in 1789.


This is what democracy looks like!

Somehow I don't think this is what George Bush and his fellow war criminals had in mind when the administration said the reason for the Iraq war was to spread democracy.


"The ease with which they penetrated the rim of the Green Zone suggested
that security forces were supportive of the protesters, as there were
no reports of shots fired."

Viva the revolution!


Boy, after all the horrors of BushCo, at least Obomber had 8 good years to deal with Iraq, really glad he took it on, and didn't just pass all the problems on to the next president, like Guantanamo, and Afghanistan, and purged all the PNAC-ers from government, and helped bring stability to the region, and at least helped to get US forces out, and made sure we didn't do the same thing in other countries, and, oh wait... I guess he didn't do any of those things...


Some day I would love to see millions of the American people rise up like the Iraqi people and storm D.C., the Pentagon, congress and put a stop to what has happened to our country. All the corrupt war mongers that have condoned the egregious murders of so many innocent men,women, and children in Iraq and elsewhere need to be arrested and tried for the war criminals they are starting with Bush, who lied about WMD's, and including Cheney, Obama and Hillary.


I wish they'd storm Hollande's Bastille. There should be people storming the US House & Senate. They should also protest outside the conventions.


Hear him! Hear him! Even the US Fourth Reich will eventually learn that oppressed people fight back.
* And there are so many of them.
* All vicious empires fall, eventually. Some peacefully fade away, some die in agony. The choice is theirs, but fall they will. No matter how powerful, a busload of forty or fifty 0.001%ers cannot face off two billion people who decide they will no longer be serfs!
* Up the People!


Why do you think in about 5 years we will have thousands of armed drones flying over Americka? ; )


In solidarity.


If Trump wins POTUS that could very well happen in less than 5 years!


I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Hellary do the same.