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Irma Won’t “Wake Up” Climate Change-Denying Republicans. Their Whole Ideology Is on the Line


Irma Won’t “Wake Up” Climate Change-Denying Republicans. Their Whole Ideology Is on the Line.

Naomi Klein

As one of the most powerful storms ever recorded bore down on the continental United States, with much of Florida under evacuation order, President Donald Trump was focused on a matter of grave urgency.

He gathered his cabinet at Camp David and said there was no time to waste. With Hurricane Irma set to potentially devastate huge swaths of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, now was the time, he said, to rush through massive … tax cuts.


Well here we are; the deniers, which I call the “climate resistance”, are in full warrior mode. EPA chief Scott Pruitt won’t even talk about climate disruption due to global warming or all the toxic poisons released by Harvey’s deluge. It’s the unregulated destruction of the wetlands and pouring concrete over them that helps exacerbate the total flooding and hence the destruction of the oh-so-expensive infrastructure. I was hoping, (yes hate me if you must) that Irma would destroy the expensive, under construction, buildings in Miami. I certainly didn’t want anyone to lose their lives though. Perhaps even hitting them where it really hurts isn’t enough to see a reverse of the murder of Earth and her children but I am still left with a glimmer of hope, such as it is, that things may change. However, time’s growing short for any meaningful action to help mitigate the murder underway of Earth and her children.


No, they will not Wake Up.
As with the Defense Department, Climate Change is a big money maker for these idiots.


The ability of the mind to be able to see a larger vista, a global perspective, a nuanced world, a many tiered and unendingly variable and endlessly detailed fractal reality requires a mind that can fathom and accept that reality, and exposure to those facets.

When your only reality is defined by the amount of money that allows for material things and the rest is take care of by your religion, your probably focused on the size of your genitalia.


She’s absolutely right. Texas, even among some Republicans, needs to go away.
I know folks who, transferred there, won’t even have their old, deceased pets buried in that state.


There isn’t going to be a climate change moment. Hurricanes with 185 mph winds happen. They seldom happen but every once in awhile there is one. Anything caused by climate change that was so dramatic it would wake up the Republicans would mean it is so disastrous it would be too late to act. Perhaps a sudden 3-foot rise in sea level due the collapse of a massive shelf allowing an even more massive ice sheet to slide into the ocean would do the trick. But that would be incredibly disastrous and also unlikely. It appears the Republicans are going to tough it out. Actually they don’t have much choice if they want to stay in office. Their voters will shift to a candidate on their right if they admit climate change is real and must be addressed by rapidly reducing emissions. Unless a lot of Republican are willing to risk their jobs for the sake of the humanity don’t expect them to change. Those who want do fight climate change are going to have to do so without the Republicans and most of their voters.


No, they won’t wake up, until there’s a major, major disaster that makes Hurricanes Harvey and Irma both look like picnics.


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity concludes:
travelling at speeds closest to speed of light,
reduced time travelled. Therefore, to go faster,
one must go slower. To go faster, one must go slower.


Obviously your friends know the reason why some call Texas “God’s Country”


Yes, they have investments in the insurance companies!


Cat 5 storms are uncommon in the US.


Wow- that’s a good one.


According to the national hurricane center, since 1851 there have been over 1600 hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic basin (that number not counting tropical storms) of those, only 32 have been category 5.
Hardly commonplace.
Oh, and most of the strongest hurricanes (lowest pressures) ever recorded have been since 1980.
Want to pull any more “facts” out of your bum tonite?


"Their whole ideology is on the line."
I hope you’re right, Naomi, but I would not bet on it. Ever.


Among those who attempt to face climate reality, there’s been yearning for a discussion of how we might better prepare - were it not for troglodyte federal and state politicians shutting down all reason. But it would be a very difficult discussion indeed, given that the best thing people in Florida, Houston, and New Orleans can do to prepare would be to find someplace else to live.

Nobody really knows how long we’ve got before that West Antarctic Ice Sheet really gets going; it’s the first time for this global experiment. It could happen in a decade, or in a century. When it starts to let loose, there will be no way to build a seawall around Florida. In that context, some relatively enlightened talk of reconstruction, taking into account mild expectations for sea level rise, seems nearly as delusional as the climate denialists.


Yes, because only people who think they have a direct connection to god, live there.


That’s because it’s absolutely true. :grinning:


Naomi Klein self-educated on climate change / global warming / ocean acidification some years ago.

Juan Cole appears to be on this same path.

I have become relatively certain that nothing will change the conservative mind - save perhaps a chance to score even more money, wealth and power. They are unapproachable rationally - as is a dogmatic deeply religious person.

We will simply have to manage some other way. And I think there are enough open minded people to do this - we just need a working platform.

These too appear to be developing - Angela Merkel is a physicist, after all is said and done, and may be about to coalition with Germany’s Green Party. And British Columbia is now run by the socialist NDP in coalition with its Green Party, whose head is a professional climate scientist.

I have never bought into the idea that there is some slick ‘way to present global warming / ocean acidification to the lay public’.

Instead - hard work is required - self-education in this and other environmental/ecological matters.

This will have the interesting attribute that we will once more come into contact with the natural world, for in its essence that is all science is. This time the contact will be different - and will revolve around modern concepts - which are intimidating at first perhaps - but the human being - who discovers his or her true center - has always been a naturalist.

The terminology is a little strange right now for many - but that will change.

Soon those of the open mind will be discussing carbonate and bi-carbonate levels in the world ocean instead of just Saturday night’s hockey scores.

Necessity is the best - perhaps the only really good reason for doing pretty much anything.

PS: I should include Al Gore in this - another self-educated environmentalist - and in his own words, ‘recovering politician’.


So here we have it. Brexit and Trump were also symptoms of the societal chaos caused by free market capitalism and its relentless hold on our world. Climate change is another. No matter how badly neoliberalism impacts on the lives on ordinary people, the elites and their tame propagandists in the media will never let it go - their prosperity depends on it. And those propagandists have done so well that the rest of us either believe that our prosperity depends on it too, or that resistance is futile. Instead we vote for the vile far right with its old lie that patriotism makes us all equally noble as we give our lives so that our nations may prosper. What a pathetic outcome for the end of history and the triumph of liberal so-called democracy.


They will only wake up when their properties are wiped out along with their personal safety. When the earth becomes uninhabitable for human beings they too will perish. Their money will be unable to save them.