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Irony: As Pelosi Backs Down on 'Anti-Hate’ Resolution, Israel's Politics Goes Peak Racist


Irony: As Pelosi Backs Down on 'Anti-Hate’ Resolution, Israel's Politics Goes Peak Racist

Juan Cole

A revolt of the Democratic Party grassroots has forestalled Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s plan to hold a vote on a resolution implicitly slamming Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for her Tweets complaining about being pressured to pledge allegiance to Israel or else be considered unpatriotic.

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Make those that spread Hate pay.



The Israeli right wing doesn’t even bother hiding it’s objective of ethnically cleansing an entire region.

The really scary part: They keep getting re-elected.



They’re Nazis posing as Israelis.



The bogus ‘anti-hate’ (really ‘pro-Israel-Apartied’) is part of the Democrats’ total clampdown on anything that smells the slightest bit Left.

The Democrats are determined to maintain their status as the Republicans’ handmaidens.

(Notice how I don’t say ‘corporate Dems’ or ‘Centrist Dems’ or any such nonsense. Those terms are redundant. Once you enter the Democrat tent, all energy for meaningful reform will be neutralized, or they will destroy you. You’ll sooner reform the NRA, the KKK, or the Nazis than the Democrats.)



I became fed up with the Democratic Party and registered Green Party in 2010. Try it; you moght like it. (GP.org).



The NYTimes is reporting that they’re going ahead with this anti-bigotry resolution vote today after all.

Well, at Pelosi’s putting the 411 on who’s in Israel’s pocket on full display.



Ah… the better by which to target for replacements …
Poor Pelosi and Feinstein, they’re finally being reminded of what it feels like to have the right hand know what the left hand is doing. That’s OK… retirement is an imperative eventually, perhaps we help expedite the process.



It is even more scary that AIPAC, et. al., still effectively owns both US political parties anytime a vote comes up for subsidizing Israeli Apartheid!

Worth watching: Al Jazeera’s US banned episodes on Israeli lobbying in the US! (I cannot post a link because CD doesn’t remember I have been a contributor/reader for five years!)



Plus all of these members who keep getting reelected McConnell, Feinstein, McCarthy, Pelosi and al are a threat to our state.



Actually don’t pay those who spread hate. BDS only sanctions occupied territories. BDS does not go far enough. All Israel products. Occupied territories is a policy decision of Israel. No half measures



A black radio host mentioned yesterday that many of these white politicians and tv personalities make open or veiled racist comments. It is only people of color that are being condemned for criticizing Apartheid state Israel. Marc Lamont Hill and Ilhan Omar.

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Why would they retire? They aren’t there to be popular. They are there to help themselves at the trough enabling their investment banker husbands to pig out as much as possible.

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