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Irony-O-Meter Explodes: Melania Decries Bullying


Irony-O-Meter Explodes: Melania Decries Bullying

Cognitive Dissonance 101: Hours after her vile sick bully of a husband bullied a pregnant Gold Star widow, Melania traveled to Michigan with Betsy DeVos - currently bullying children with disabilities - to speak out against bullying. In an excruciatingly robotic appearance, the "FLOTUS" urged kids be taught "the values of empathy and communication (at) the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership."


Beside the trump-hags “ironic” words about bullying resembling a Stockholm Syndrome victim, she represents what is worst in life, married to the most reprehensible, depraved, ignorant, example of a human being yet discovered…ya gotta wonder tho, does she actually…with that hideous person? Boy howdy, what money can buy…

And speaking of meters, my bullshit-o-meter is red-lined about three or more times a day from some moronic, self-aggrandizing, greedy, tone-deaf, destructive, rotten, racist thing the tweeter-in-chief does and/or says! Its lucky for the idiot he has (sort of) mastered “tweeting” - that’s about as many words/characters he can keep (sort of) straight - whole sentences resembling truthful thoughts tho are an entirely different matter - rotten swine…


The vilest of the vile on display for all to see. May they burn in Hell forever.


I feel ya, E!

A bartered bride who enjoys being battered…whether it be mentally/emotionally or physically…it is all about the money. She is being impelled from behind by handlers to demonstrate what a first lady does while her diabolical despotic tyrant immolates the entire planet…to supposedly shine some light on a sorry, sordid, sociopathic marital union. She looks the part of what a satanic mate would be.


You just can’t make this shit up. An anti-bullying campaign from the first lady?! They are smearing their feces all over us now. We are all free falling down the rabbit hole in the USA as the mad hatter tweets away. Not wanting to judge too strongly here, but I would have to say Melania clearly wins the all time most disgusting award for having sold her soul to $atan.


…musta takin’ a wrong turn at the Crossroads and ended up in Rosedale…whats this I hear bout a camel and the eye of a needle, can it possibly be true?..everyone here by now understands I am disabled, when I saw rump poke fun at a disabled journalist asking a question, it was like having a knife sunk into my soul. Gawd help us.


He needs to be referred to as the BOTUS: bully of the US;


Thanks Abby, I loved the #ThisIsMyChild site. IEPs (Individual Education Plan) are essential for thousands of children living in families and those in other living environments.


She’s in bed with him so she caught fascist cooties…


I’ll agree that she’s clueless and has a vested interest in not recognizing or confronting her bully in chief husband, but I don’t think she quite deserves the vitriol. We need to be better than the other side.


And may they go there tonight!


My husband came up with this:
Shit …

And did you notice the bottom picture of him below the story – he seriously looks like a ‘special needs’ person!


“We need to be better than the other side.” We’ve been better than the other side, and look where it’s gotten us. I’m waiting for angry Democrats to fight back, I’m sick and tired of turningthe-other-cheekers, I want representatives like Bernie, people with fire in their belly.


even worse - he’s ridiculing in mime


The man she married is until now the worst piece of shit defecated on the earth.


"kindness, mindfulness, integrity"
Hmm, the economic system under which her husband accumulated his wealth cares not all about any of these virtues. The wealth they live in and privileges they take are result of that system.


Many adults suggested the best way to fight bullying is, duh, to be the change she wants to be and start at home with the rabid Bullier-In-Chief. “Why go all the way to Michigan? Your husband is bullying a widow right now,” one wrote. “Be a hero. Hide his phone.” Better yet, hide him far away, where he has to eat alone. It’ll be good prep for prison.

I love this person’s tweet. But I suspect Melania cannot dare to “be a hero” against Trump. I suspect he abuses her, and that’s why she is so self-effacing and wooden-faced:


Screw her, she chose to marry the jackass. She deserves everything that people think and say about her. If you don’t practice what you preach then your words are meaningless.


History tells us that it is extremely difficult to love fascists to death…


People whine about Bernie’s age, but damn this senior is on fire. Trump is younger, but acts like he is a feeble 90 year old.
If Sanders throws his hat in the ring in 2020 you can bet he will physically and mentally up for the job.