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'Irresponsible': Pelosi Under Fire for 'Kicking the Can' on Vote to Constrain Trump War Powers in Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/08/irresponsible-pelosi-under-fire-kicking-can-vote-constrain-trump-war-powers-iran


According to Politico , top House Democrats are considering abandoning entirely the attempt to constrain Trump’s ability to wage war on Iran following the Iranian missile strikes.

Tell us again what the difference is between these folks and the GOP.

Apply some pressure now and contact Pelosi:

Washington, DC Office

1236 Longworth H.O.B.

Washington, DC 20515

phone: (202) 225-4965
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm


Pelosi is a Republican mole; she sabotages any efforts to reform our corrupt corporate dominated political system. Examples: pay to go, dissing the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, delayed impeachment efforts, minimized impeachment charges, delaying voting to restrict Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran.
If she was honest-definitely not-she would switch parties.
If you can’t move ahead Nancy, get out of the way.
She is a stellar example of the need for Congressional term limits and reform of the Congressional leadership system. The inordinate power and capriciousness of these individuals is exemplified by her and Mitch McConnell who stymie the will of majority rule.


As IF Nancy, Chuck & all their slavering jackals weren’t in on each & every step Trump’s taken for our nefarious masters?



There are no heroes in the House, not even Khanna. Note how he says we will not fund an “offensive” strike, obviously buying in to the idea that an invading country after being attacked in the country it invaded could actually do a “defensive” retaliation.
Pelosi of course is a frightened, sold-out elderly lady, in bed with the warmonger-industrial machine as are almost all members of Congress of both parties.
I’m glad she’s still stomping Moscow Mitch about his refusal to have an authentic trial for Trump’s Ukraine crimes, but she’s an obstacle for progressives all the time.


Pelosi shows us her true colors yet again, we need a new system of governance, ours is irredeemably corrupt and rotten to the core.


The Democrats are labeled the “opposition.”

Which is confusing considering how little they actually oppose.


We need to send a strong message to our arms brokers and investors in war. NOT THIS TIME.


I wonder if 72 million Nancy has investments in the arms industry.

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It does not matter what Pelosi does with the War Powers bill, it will NEVER pass thru the Senate, in fact Mitch will Never even bring it up for a vote.

Our Dictator is free to start as many Wars as he wants, the Republicans will not stop him since they get large kick backs from the Munitions Industry.



The people (not you, Skep) who call the Democrats an “opposition” party make a spelling error that has grave and misleading consequences. The Democrats are an apposition party. From Wiktionary:

apposition -
The quality of being side-by-side, apposed instead of being opposed, not being front-to-front but next to each other.


Pelosi taking Impeachment off the Table, and setting it for War.


Resistance™= resist US!


Well, what the hell else can anyone expect from an abject servant of the ruling junta such as Pelosi? She’s nothing more than a technocratic instrument of the global corporate junta that controls Congress and the Bleached House. The corporate junta wants war against Iran. What the corporate junta wants, the corporate junta gets… by hook and by crook.

This bears repeating: The corporate junta wants war against Iran — war against the Iranian people, war against their resources, war against their culture, war against the very idea of a sovereign entity called Iran.

Trumpo the Sick Clown is but the spear point of the corporate junta’s planned assault on Iran. The rest of the spear is made up of the whole decrepit neoliberal crew, the fraudsters that occupy the People’s offices in Washington, DC. The rest of the spear is carried by D Party technocrats and R Party technocrats alike… their actions coordinated by the GOP-DNC junta that runs the political carnival of cannibals.


This should help gandolf:


Good point. Thankfully hostilities are at a standstill for now.

What little token opposition we see by the Democrats on domestic policy is AWOL on foreign policy. Anyone who expects the Democrats to mount an anti-war campaign is seriously deluded. Being “strong on defense” is a Democratic party platform plank. You can always expect Democrats to bend over backwards not to appear soft on defense. Pelosi will never allow it, especially in an election year. Can’t be upsetting those all-important conservative swing voters, after all.

The closest thing we have to viable anti-war candidate is Bernie “I am no pacifist” Sanders and given that he is the only candidate in the running to even remotely challenge the war-mongering status quo is considered one more nail in his coffin by the party establishment.


Neo Liberal Democrats (republicans) never learn from history or events as long as the money keeps lining their pockets.

Most of my friends only watch abc, cbs, abc and cnn and consider me a leftist who is overly outside the box of most voters.


Well, most of your friends can go pound sand.


why is this person still one of the “leaders” of the damn democratic party? She and Biden both need to go home permanently. ugh