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Is 2020's Record-Breaking Hurricane Season What the Future Holds?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/2020s-record-breaking-hurricane-season-what-future-holds

No, certainly not. The future will be far, far worse.

Heat equals entropy which means change, so paradoxically, well have more record breaking heat and cold. Bigger storms with more weather caused damage. Likely many people wont have the time or money to repair before the next one hits.

We’ve already had a bunch of new clouds added to the listing including the terrifying “aspiritas undulatus”

As ocean temperatures rise, tropical storms increase in force. That is known. We may not know just how fast temperatures rise or how various human reactions might assemble, but if 2021 does not exceed 2020, given that there are still cyclical patterns, another year will shortly. And, of course, there are other grave ecological problems that do not get the same press, rightly or wrongly.


Government and big business are pretty thoroughly dead-set against anything in the shape of constructive response. In the US, at least, the population has pretty thoroughly lost any electoral control over such matters.

It seems that the major part of any practical response here has to involve direct action by individuals and mostly smaller organizations, though I do not think that there is any reasonable doubt that appreciable success must involve a sort of showdown with the folks who imagine that they mostly own the planet.

Hopefully, that will be as little violent as possible, in part because violence is so much the preferred metier of governments and corporations. We might look for a refinement of the concept of monkeywrenching–to achieve the most benefit with the least intervention, actions undertaken should be constructive altogether, and only corrosive to institutional power.