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Is a GMO Labeling Victory within Our Grasp?


Is a GMO Labeling Victory within Our Grasp?

Katherine Paul, Ronnie Cummins

Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the offices of the top lobbyists for the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

So close to the July 1 deadline for complying with Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and still no court ruling to overturn Vermont’s law. Still no federal legislation to preempt Vermont’s law.


One of many compelling documentary discussions on the "wonders" of glyphosate... Mansanto's 2nd most lethal product (after Agent Orange):


Should TPP, TTIP, and/or TISA become agreed to and signed, the deal or laws requiring labels will be as good as gone. BigAg will arrange to challenge the US legislation in an international trade arbitration 'court'. The process will likely unfold in similar fashion as the demise of COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling):


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