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Is AIPAC Losing Its Grip on Democrats?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/13/aipac-losing-its-grip-democrats


Another to lose office due to aipac. He use to write at counterpunch James Abourezk


Bowman - “I personally oppose the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions [BDS] movement,”

Does this sound like AIPAC is losing its grip?


I can’t think of a stronger argument, than what the author describes, for demanding AIPAC register as a foreign lobby.


If I were the President of the U.S., I would declare AIPAC a “terrorist organization” and introduce the death penalty for those who tried to influence U.S. elections. Instead we let them get away with it while demonizing Russia who spends a fraction of what AIPAC spends with little or no effect on U.S. foreign policy. AIPAC on the other hand ensures that corporate America will throw the 99% under the bus each and every time to support their racist and imperialistic ambitions. The public might rise up and eliminate this very evil organization before the rest of us become second class citizens like the millions of prisoners in the Gaza Strip. Replace BDS with economic sanctions and end all financial support for this ruthless dictatorship who pretends to represent democracy and human rights.


The House voted 398-17 in favor of an anti-BDS resolution written by Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider. That’s a stunning show of bipartisan opposition to BDS and support for Israel,” Democratic Majority for Israel CEO Mark Mellman told JNS.


Yep 17 refused to condemn BDS. This is a vote in 2019.

Here the results of a vote back in 2014 over providing more Military aid to Israel.

324-98 in favor.


It does not look like AIPAC “losing its grip”.


" Is AIPAC Iosing its grip? I hope so. It is a very sad nation and odd as those who refuse to forget lived through that hoIocaust. So many now are members of the neo holocaust as if these events of the past happened too them and not their grandparents----but giving 4 biIIion for the next 10 years to murderers of the Palestinians is unacceptable . This has been going in since 1948. Isn’t it time to stop apartheid in Palestine? It worked in South Africa-------and as for Trump, Kushner, and Pompeo---- you 3 seem to care more for Israel than for America. Why is that?


american elites have a long history of acting as though israel is their boss, as the disgraceful episode of the israeli attack on the u.s. ship LIBERTY during the 1967 war, and it’s ensuing cover-up by the johnson administration demonstrates well. something awfully fishy is going on behind the scenes of international relations between western powers and israel. one might think that zionism is vital to u.s. national interest! why the hell should that be?


The biggest threat to The Apartheid State of Israel will soon be the military/economic alliance formed by China with Iran.

Now, while I highly doubt that China would retaliate militarily against Israel after one of its repeated attacks/incursions on/into Iran and Syria, China has the economic muscle to push The Apartheid State of Israel around a bit.

Putin might play nice with The Apartheid State of Israel, Xi Jinping may not be so inclined. And when he builds some fancy new oil ports right there at the mouth to the Straights of Hormuz, Xi is not going to tolerate the kind of instability that The Apartheid State of Israel and its client states, The US and KSA, like to perpetrate throughout the MidEast.

Is Xi tough enough to be the new sheriff in town?
Xi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about AIPAC, we know that.
And he stood the inept paper tiger, Trump, right down.
But so has every other world leader.
We’ll see, I guess.